Novell NetWare 4.1 Patches

This page contains an index of (some of) the NetWare 4.1 patches available from the FTP archive. More information and notes are available on the Netware 4.1 Notes & Patches Page.

Minimum patches

These are the minimum patches Novell recommends applying as a baseline as of 1 Match 2000.
Date Download Readme Notes
1995-05-03 PU4X03.EXE Readme Print Utilities
1995-07-28 PS4X03.EXE Readme Print Server
1995-10-03 INS224.EXE Readme INSTALL.NLM v2.24
1996-04-18 SBACK6.EXE Readme SBACKUP.NLM and supporting files
1996-07-22 SRVMN1.EXE Readme SERVMAN.NLM
1996-10-29 MPR31B.EXE Readme NetWare MultiProtocol Router
1997-01-16 SMSUP6.EXE Readme SMS Functions Updated
1997-04-25 MACPT3D.EXE Readme NetWare for Macintosh
1997-10-06 NAM41c.EXE Readme Macintosh and OS/2 Name Space
1998-05-22 410PT8B.EXE Readme NetWare 4.10 Patch Kit
1998-09-23 IPX660.EXE Readme IPX Upgrade for NetWare 3.1x, 4.1x
1998-11-21 LIBUPI.EXE Readme Updated modular CLIB and DSAPI
1999-06-08 NWPAUP1A.EXE Readme CDROM.NLM and supporting files
1999-07-24 ODI33G.EXE Readme ODI v 3.3 update files (G)
1999-12-13 DS410Q.EXE Readme Novell Directory Services
1999-12-30 STRTL8A.EXE Readme SPXS Update

Additional patches

These were the other patches up on the Novell support site on February 2002. You may wish to browse the readme files to see if there are any worth applying. Some of the later ones certainly will be more recent than whats on the minimum patch list above.
Date Download Readme Notes
1994-09-01 saa012.exe Readme SAA Windows Client Update
1995-05-12 p2scsi.exe Readme New PS2SCSI.DSK for 4.xx
1995-06-09 instll.exe Readme Updated INSTALL.NLM and DSI.NLM
1995-08-05 ngwadm.exe Readme NWAdmin Integration Snapin .DLL v2
1995-08-17 daishm.exe Readme 4.10 sftiii shims to support dai calls
1995-08-29 41ndir.exe Readme NDIR for large drives
1995-10-11 mprx25.exe Readme MPRX25.EXE: X25TSM.NLM Update
1995-12-01 ipxspx.exe Readme IPX/SPX Sockets (HEX)
1996-03-12 netusr.exe Readme NETUSER Capture Defaults to User Hold
1996-04-29 41filr.exe Readme Filer.exe v4.21 (950331) PTF for NetWare v4.x
1996-05-25 setdoc.exe Readme Installing and Configuring SETUPDOC
1996-05-29 mactsa.bin Readme
1996-07-09 41rtr2.exe Readme 41RTR2.EXE;NetWare 4.1 SFTIII Protocol Update
1996-07-23 mactsa.exe Readme
1996-08-13 ngwaup.exe Readme NWAdmin Integration Snapin Update (v.3)
1996-08-21 tsa410.exe Readme 410 TSA MODULE
1996-09 smt121.exe Readme SMT121.EXE - UPGRADE FOR SMPT 1.20
1996-10-21 landr9.exe Readme ODI 3.30 LAN Drivers & support modules
1996-11-08 srout4.exe Readme
1996-11-26 os2u1.exe Readme OS/2 Utilities for NetWare v3.12 and v4.10
1996-12-17 actkey.exe Readme Upgrade Activation Key Program
1997-01-02 41migutl.exe Readme
1997-01-07 nw4dfs.exe Readme
1997-01-10 adm4113x.exe Readme ADM4113X.EXE - Automatic Install of NWADMN3X
1997-01-10 adm41195.exe Readme ADM41195.EXE - Automatic Install of NWADMN95
1997-01-10 adm411nt.exe Readme ADM411NT.EXE - Automatic Install of NWADMN32
1997-05-02 dsright2.exe Readme
1997-07-14 tabnd2a.exe Readme Abend Troubleshooting Guide
1997-07-17 wkstrk.exe Readme trouble shooting fileserver cannot be found
1997-07-22 upsnlm.exe Readme UPSNLM.EXE; UPS.NLM for SFTIII, 3.12 and 4.0x
1997-07-30 nsync1.exe Readme NSYNC1.EXE; Net Sync update files
1997-07-30 odiwan1.exe Readme ODIWAN1: ODI WAN update to support ODI 3.31
1997-09-15 audit410.exe Readme Auditcon Report Not Including Event Dates
1997-09-15 log410a.exe Readme NetWare v4.1 LOGIN.EXE fixes
1997-09-15 ncpy410a.exe Readme NetWare v4.10 NCOPY.EXE for DOS fixes
1997-11-24 map410b.exe Readme MAP410b.EXE;Map root search drives
1997-11-24 41rem1.exe Readme
1997-11-24 devmon.exe Readme DEVMON for SFT III v4.10
1998-04-06 4xmigr2.exe Readme Envoy Document on Migration Solutions
1998-05-04 tback3.exe Readme TBACK3.EXE; TBACKUP Utility
1998-05-04 tcopy2.exe Readme TCOPY2.EXE; Copies Trustee Assignments
1998-05-14 landrv.exe Readme LANDRV.EXE - Third Party Lan Drivers
1998-08-19 cdup5a.exe Readme CDROM.NLM and supporting files.
1998-08-21 highutl1.exe Readme Troubleshooting High Utilization for NW 4
1998-009-01 tbox7.exe Readme Tools for a NetWare Server v1.09d
1998-10-05 rplkt5.exe Readme RPLKT5.EXE; RPL File Updates
1998-10-14 cfgrd6b.exe Readme CFGRD6B.EXE - NetWare Config Reader Ver 2.67
1998-10-26 nt411p1.exe Readme NT411P1.EXE IntraNetWare NT Client Updates
1998-11-02 timefx.exe Readme TIME RESTRICTIONS and Day Light Savings
1998-11-10 dsdiag1.exe Readme NDS Diagnostic Utility
1998-11-19 ntprint.exe Readme NPRINTER for NT
1998-12-02 drvspc.exe Readme ODI Driver Specification Utility
1999-03-16 hstdev.exe Readme PSERVER.NLM Host Device Change Utility
1999-03-23 nal201p2.exe Readme NAL201P2.EXE; NAL 2.01 Patches
1999-07-09 accupg1b.exe Readme Accelerated Upgrade v1.10
1999-08-25 410y2kp2.exe Readme NetWare 4.10 Year 2000 Fixes
1999-12-08 clibaux1.exe Readme Clibaux.nlm CLIB enhancement module
2000-01-04 nlsty2k.exe Readme Updated NLIST.EXE
2000-01-07 cron5.exe Readme CRON.NLM Server Utility v1.7
2000-02-23 libupj4.exe Readme Updated CLIB and DSAPI v4.11r libraries
2000-06-06 nam41d.exe Readme NAM41c.EXE; MAC.NAM, OS2.NAM for NW 4.10
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