ZXnet FTP Archive: Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance on the ZXnet FTP Archive
This is the FTP Archive on ftp.zx.net.nz. It contains the following:
Media (screenshots, videos, etc)
Documents - manuals, press releases, etc.
Third-Party stuff including Tools, Mods and Maps
Beta - Files for the public beta.

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Latest Files
The following are the latest files available for Supreme Commander - Forged Alliance:

Supreme Commander - Forged Alliance Patch v1.5.3596 to v1.5.3598
Supreme Commander - Forged Alliance Patch v1.5.3598 to v1.5.3599

The following incremental patches are available:
v1.5.3596 (retail/gold version) to v1.5.3596-nosecurom
v1.5.3596-nosecurom to v1.5.3598
v1.5.3598 to v1.5.3599

The following are standalone patches. These patch from the retail/gold version (v1.5.3596) up to the version stated:

The following are BETA patches. Consult the README file before use.
v1.5.3603 BETA (requires v1.5.3596 or v1.5.3599)

See 01-README.txt for patch release notes

This patch removes SecuROM security checks

Press Sheet (E3 2007)
Release Announcement (DOC) (PDF version)

Third Party stuff
Alot of 3rd-party maps and mods are available from the GPGnet vault along with replays and other stuff.
See the Supreme Commander 3rd-party Tools Section - The two share mostly the same tools.

Sorian AI 2.1.2
GAZ_UI v6.1
"Best Community Multiplayer Map Pack" - A big selection of maps
These files are for the Forged Alliance public beta. A valid Forged Alliance beta key is required to use them.
Forged Alliance BETA
beta->retail changes

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