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"What began as a conflict over the transfer of consciousness from flesh to machines escalated into a war which has decimated a million worlds. The Core and the Arm have all but exhausted the resources of a galaxy in their struggle for domination. Both sides, now crippled beyond repair. The remnants of their armies continue to battle on ravaged planets; their hatred fueled by over four thousand years of total war. This is a fight to the death. For each side the only acceptable outcome is the complete elimination of the other."

An epic introduction to an epic game. A game over 10 years old and still played and loved by many. It's time for the war to continue.

This mod seeks to re-create TA in it's original form inside supreme commander, without any style/artistic adjustments. Basically it's the good old TA that we know and love Very Happy. At present it is starting as just the original TA units; after (and if Wink) these units are finished I will add the units from the core contingency and the 6 stand alone units.



114 Units Completed
- 76 ARM Original TA units
- 37 ARM Core Contingency units
- 14 CORE Original TA units
- 1 CORE Core Contingency unit


[09-04-2008] - v0.57 wip version released
[30-03-2008] - New OTA Progress Sheet, Updated v0.57 Beta Progress Notes


SC:TA v0.56 Beta (8.26MB)
This mod adds a shader, please read the readme before running - this is very important. At present there isn't a "No-shader" release, but if people report problems then I will release one.

SC:TA v0.57 wip Beta (8.62MB)
This version is more up to date than v0.56 Beta, however it is only a work in progress, and has some incomplete features. Please see the included readme for more info.

TA Music (Thread)
A UI side Mod that when enabled substitutes the Supreme Commander music for the Total Annihilation Music, Created by Armoured Fish.

TA Colors (810 Bytes)
If you just want the TA colors, this small mod replaces the Supreme Commander ones with the TA ones:Blue, Red, White, Green, Navy Blue, Purple, Yellow, Black, Light Blue and Tan. Simply place the file in your gamedata directory. This comes included with SC:TA, this seperate download is just if you want to use it without the main mod.

SC:TA MapPack (Thread)
This thread has more info on the Map Pack, as well as download links.

Progress Sheet (314KB, pdf) [30/03/2008]
Contains the progress information for all the original Total Annihilation Units

Progress Sheet - Core Contingency (333KB, pdf) [28/02/2008]
Contains the progress information for all the Core Contingency Units

ARM Unit listing (37KB, Excel Spreadsheet)
Contains information on all ARM units.

v0.56 Beta Mod Stats (892 bytes, txt)
Some Statistics for the SC:TA mod, such as unit and projectile counts, as well as data on the map system.

v0.57 Beta Progress Notes (4KB, txt) [30/03/08]
The current progress notes towards the next version of the mod. Updated Frequently.



For the history of the development of TA, see this blog:
Ton-of-clay (Blogspot): TA-ncient History

For the "Revolva" TA project, visit here

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SC:TA Features, and their progress. These are mainly intended for those that do not know of Total Annihilation. For those that do, It's aiming to be as close to a true total conversion as possible - I won't be making any balance changes or design choices, unless it is absolutely neccessary (due to differences in the Sup com and TA engines)

*New Races:
Allows you to play with the two Total Annihilation Races, the ARM and the CORE.

*New Colours:
The colour selection now matches the colours available in TA:
- Blue, Red, White, Green, Navy, Purple, Yellow, Black, Light Blue and Tan.

*New units:
Each side (once completed) will contain over 125 units from TA, with 3 tech levels and a full compliment of Air, Sea, Land (Vehicles and Kbots), submarine and hovercraft combat and construction units. The currently available version of the Mod contains a nearly complete ARM side.

*New Sounds:
The mod brings back all 456 sounds, so you can once again experience the sound of a Bertha cannon's recoil echoing across the map! Thanks to Armoured Fish for importing the sounds.

*New Resource Models:
As well as traditional ways of getting energy and metal (Solar collectors and Metal extractors), there is also geothermal Powerplants, Tidal Generators and Wind Collectors, with the last two being dependant on the map for the amounts they generate (ie. Cloudy and swampy maps tend to have more wind, while maps with oceans usually have more current than ones with only lakes). Metal extractors also vary their income based on the world. See Map System, below.

*TA Map Support:
On supported maps, Wind and tidal power are set to their proper values, and also change their resource graphics to match the world they are on. In addition, metal varies from map to map, and an additional mod (packaged with SC:TA) allows you to turn off build restrictions and build extractors anywhere, although for most planets building one off a deposit results in very little income (The exception being metal worlds, where a large amount can be produced from anywhere)

This mod changes the build system and brings back nano-lathing, as well as the glowing green construction style. Thanks again to Armoured fish for the build shader.

Combat changes drastically when wreckages block the movement and fire from all sides. Wreckages turn in smaller heaps when hit enough, after which they no longer block movement. Destroying a unit with enough overkill wont leave a wreckage though.

*Death Effects:
As in TA, units that are overkilled will shatter into pieces. Not yet available, but included in the next version, pieces and whole sections of some units and structures will fly off in all directions upon destruction.

The TA music can be added with Armoured Fish's TA Music Mod (See Downloads)

At present only the TA waypoint markers (move, attack, patrol etc) are in, but a full UI change is planned.

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