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Copyright (c) Digital Equipment Corporation 1994, 1997. All rights reserved. PRODUCT: PATHWORKS for DOS and WINDOWS, V5.1, V6.0, V6.0a DIGITAL PATHWORKS 32, V7.0, V7.0a COMPONENT: DIGITAL PATHWORKS Licensing Software V1.5 for LAN Manager[R], NetWare[R], OS/2[R], Windows for Workgroups[R], Windows 95[R], Windows NT[TM] OP/SYS: MS-DOS[R], OS/2, Windows NT, and Windows 95 SOURCE: Digital Equipment Corporation ECO INFORMATION: ECO Kit Name: PWLIC15 ECO Kits Superseded by This Kit: PWLIC14_EO1 PWV5CLT_FPA_ECO013 PWNTNS_FPA_EC01B041 PWV5CLT_FPA_ECO012 (FPA012) PWV5CLT_FPA_ECO011 (FPA011, CSCPAT_3501) PWNT41A_LICLM01 ECO Kit Approximate Size: 20,053 Blocks 10,266,852 Bytes Kit Applies To: Intel or Alpha (AXP) systems with the following operating system versions: LAN Manager (for DOS or Windows) NetWare (for DOS or Windows) OS/2 Windows for Workgroups Windows 95 Windows NT Server V3.51 Windows NT Workstation V3.51 Windows NT Server V4.0 Windows NT Workstation V4.0 System Reboot Required: Yes ECO KIT SUMMARY: This kit is intended for customers who use the network connectivity options provided by their Native operating systems and network operating systems and who have purchased licenses for connecting to PATHWORKS Servers. Problems Addressed in the PWLIC15 Kit: o Protection against license servers that send packets containing less than 4 bytes. This is now reported as "bad encryption" rather than causing a program crash. o Fixed a problem where a Windows 95 LAN Manager client will, incorrectly, treat a license server as totally unreachable if it is unreachable over the first LANA. o Fixed a problem in the Windows NT access rights to the communication channel between the Requester and Transponder. This allows the Requester to load licenses into the Transponder even when run from a user account. o Fixed the message for Error 57 to show the correct LANA number. o Added a dependency to the Windows NT installation data to prevent a rare startup sequence problem. o Replaced unprintable characters with printable characters when displaying (or logging) NetBIOS names used by License Servers and License Registrars. o Added code to avoid a problem in our Windows 95 DECnet stack that causes the appearance of 100% CPU utilization while waiting for any synchronous NetBIOS operation. Please refer to the README.TXT located in the kit's top-level directory for more information. NOTE: The latest public release of this software can be found via the World Wide Web through links at: o The PATHWORKS Infocenter: Follow the link to "Kits" and look for links to kits listed under the heading "Licensing Software". o The DIGITAL Patch Services page: Follow the link to "Public Access", then to "Search & Download Utility" and search for "PATHWORKS licensing". INSTALLATION NOTES: If this kit is obtained from the CSC, it will already be uncompressed onto 5 diskettes. However, you may have received this ECO kit as a self-extracting ZIP file (PWLIC15_EO1.EXE or PWLIC15.EXE). If so, follow the steps below to uncompress the kit. 1. Create an MS-DOS command prompt window. 2. Create a temporary directory on the PC's local hard drive. For example: C:\> MKDIR C:\TMP 3. Copy PWLIC15_EO1.EXE to the \TMP directory. (If the native operating system does not support long file name be sure to change the name to conform, e.g., pwlic15.exe.) 4. Expand the .EXE kit by typing the file name at the command line prompt followed by the "-d" option switch. (The "-d" must be lowercase). This switch preserves the directory structure within the kit. A target destination may be specified at the end of the command line. If no destination is specified, it will expand the files in the current directory. For example: C:\TMP> PWLIC15_EO1.EXE -d This will expand the file into its individual components with the directory structure intact and place them in the C:\TMP\ directory. 5. Follow the directions in README.TXT for installation details. [R] Microsoft, MS-DOS, MS, MS-Word, Microsoft Windows for Workgroups and LAN Manager are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. [R] NetWare is a registered trademark of Novell, Inc. [R] OS/2 is a registered trademark of International Business Machine Corporation [TM] Windows and Windows NT are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. [R] Windows 95 is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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