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Archive Services and Information

The following documents may be of interest. They are primarily intended for FTP users (they can be found in ftp.zx.net.nz:/):

Server Index

An index of all files available in the archive is available in the root directory. This index does not include symbolic links - some files in the index may appear in more than one place in the archive. These files are automatically updated every second day and so should be fairly up to date.
   Index-byname   (25MB) - Index sorted by filename
   Index-byname.Z (2MB)  - Compressed index sorted by filename
   Index-bytime   (25MB) - Index sorted by time (newest files first)
   Index-bytime.Z (2MB)  - Compressed index sorted by time
These indexes are BIG, even when compressed. If you have access to a Web browser, you can search them through the Archive Index search page at:


ftp.zx.net.nz Archive Administrator