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TMLNKS-WIN TMWE0521 TeamLinks Mail for Windows V2.1 ECO Summary

Copyright (c) Digital Equipment Corporation 1994. All rights reserved. PRODUCT: TeamLinks Office V2.1 for Microsoft Windows OP/SYS: MS-DOS SOURCE: Digital Equipment Corporation ECO INFORMATION: ECO Kit Name: TMWE0521 ECO Kits Superseded by This Kit: TMWE0421 TMWE0321 TMWE0221 TMWE0121 ECO Kit Approximate Size: 3,614,037 Bytes (self extracting archive) Kit Applies To: TeamLinks Mail V2.1 for Microsoft Windows System Reboot Necessary: NO ECO KIT SUMMARY: This Patch Kit contains fixes for the following TeamLinks components: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- CFCIOS.DLL CFCLOCAL.DLL CFCX400.DLL CONVERT.DLL INFODLL.DLL INFOMAN.EXE TLCDACT.DLL TLDECCVT.DLL TLNOTIFY.VBX TLPRFLIB.DLL TLVIEW.DLL VIEW.DLL W4W07F.DLL W4W07T.DLL W4W19F.DLL W4W19T.DLL W4W30F.DLL W4W30T.DLL W4W44F.DLL W4W44T.DLL W4W45F.DLL W4W45T.DLL W4W48F.DLL W4W48T.DLL W4W49F.DLL W4W54F.DLL W4W54T.DLL XTIDNW.DLL XTIJSB.DLL XTIWINS.DLL AIK Files: ---------- DECWORD1.DLL DECWORD2.DLL DECWORD6.DLL DECWORD6.DOT DECWRD26.DLL DECEXCEL.DLL XL5TLINT.DLL XL5TLINT.XLA The following items are the problems being addressed by this latest TeamLinks V2.1 patch kit. o Cannot connect to Local Shared Drawer. LOCALFIX.EXE cannot repair 3.5 GB drawer. CFCLOCAL.DLL has been updated to better detect and handle concurrent access collisions in shared drawers. Integrity checks have been incorporated to trap and report corrupt drawers. Changes have also been made to address problems with keywords, wastebasket document counts, folder and document deletion, and to correct a limit on the number of local file cabinets that can be opened simultaneously. LOCALFIX has been updated with improved drawer file header and data structure validation which will prevent crashes and hangs occasional- ly observed in previous versions of LOCALFIX. Modules Updated: CFCLOCAL.DLL, LOCALFIX.EXE o The .ST index file of a local file cabinet grew to Gigabyte size. The .ST index file of a shared TeamLinks drawer would suddenly grow to the size of several Gigabytes. A TeamLinks shared drawer with only 1 folder and 1 document grew to a size of 2.8 Mb. Modules Updated: CFCLOCAL.DLL o LOCALFIX.EXE hangs when recovering some corrupted file cabinets. The LOCALFIX.EXE utility would hang when recovering some corrupted TeamLinks Local file cabinets. Modules Updated: LOCALFIX.EXE o LOCALFIX.EXE crashes and sometimes reboots PC when recovering some corrupted file cabinets. The LOCALFIX.EXE utility would crash when recovering TeamLinks Local file cabinets and some times reboot the PC. Modules Updated: LOCALFIX.EXE o Opening 8 documents from Word or using Save As gets 'DOS File cannot be opened' - Too many files. Creating 2 - 8 new documents in 1 Word 6.0 session and saving the documents into the file cabinet results in the 'DOS file cannot be opened' error message. The temporary files are saved into the staging area, but they are not inserted into the file cabinet. Modules Updated: CFCIOS.DLL o NEWMAIL.EXE causes hang when exiting Windows. Starting up the TeamLinks New Mail application and then exiting Windows will cause Windows to hang. Modules Updated: NEWMAIL.EXE o Can not route package after modifying template routing list. Modifying the routing list of a template causes the routing packages created from the template to be un-routable. Modules Updated: TMRDSIGN.EXE o Sending ALL-IN-1 mail with attachments to TeamLinks users results in Mastersoft viewer error 209. When a WPS-PLUS file is improperly closed and then attached to a mail message, a TeamLinks user receives a Mastersoft viewer error 209 when trying to view the attachment. Modules Updated: W4W45F.DLL, W4W45T.DLL o Limit for the number of TeamLinks opened local file cabinets was 19. Having more than 19 local cabinets opened caused a GPF. The limit for the number of opened TeamLinks local file cabinets drawers has been substantially increased. Modules Updated: CFCLOCAL.DLL o When using the Read Attachment option, sometimes not all of the Word 2.0c document is displayed in the message area. A Word 2.0c document is created and sent as an attachment. When the attachment is read using the Read Attachment option, it sometimes is not completely displayed. The problem seems to occur when the Word document contains a table and the display stops part way through the table. Modules Updated: VIEW.DLL o Printing a Word file from within TeamLinks causes a GPF. Under certain conditions a Word 6.0 document causes a GPF in the W4W49F.DLL module. If Word is launched instead of using the viewer, the file prints fine. Modules Updated: VIEW.DLL, AUTOREC.DLL, W4W49F.DLL o Printing Excel document from TeamLinks Mail to HP Deskjet 500c fails. Printing a TeamLinks document is started using the Print button from the Information Manager. The cover memo is printed out correct- ly. At first, message 'Print attachment 1 (filename)' is displayed and then the error message, 'Error !Printer Initialization Error'. Modules Updated: VIEW.DLL, AUTOREC.DLL, W4W49F.DLL o Need option to suppress error message after changing cover memo format. A module written to do pre-processing of the Save, Save As and Send option from Create Mail windows changes the actual format from TEXT to SECMAIL. TeamLinks accepts this but displays a message that the format should be edited via an external application. Although the cover memo is saved with this new format, it's not possible to get around this error message. Disabling this error message requires the following OFFICE.INI file entry: [TeamLinks Mail] NonTextCoverOK=YES Modules Updated: INFOMAN.EXE The following items are problems addressed by the TeamLinks V2.1 Application Integration Kit (AIK) available with this patch kit: o Excel 5.0 displays wrong text on status line for the 3rd and 4th Integration buttons. The 3rd button status states: 'Creates a button to which you can assign a macro.' The 4th button status states: 'Switches to Microsoft Mail' Modules Updated: XL5TLINT.XLA o New Excel 5.0 document created from Infoman gets 'UNTITLE 1' as caption. When doing a NEW from Infoman to create a new Excel 5.0 document, the document caption in Word will display 'INFOMAN:UNTITLE 1'. This makes it hard for users to differentiate between the documents if more than 1 is created in the same session. Modules Updated: XL5TLINT.DLL o Word 6.0 Integration ignores changes to Read Only documents during FileExit. After opening a Read Only document from the file cabinet, Word 6.0 allows the document to be edited. When the user closes the document using the File/Close or File/Exit, the integration will just close the windows without asking users to save their changes. Hence, all edits are lost. Modules Updated: DECWORD6.DOT o Word 6.0 Integration DOS/SaveAs dialog treats the "Close" button as OK. Within the Word 6.0 integration, it puts up the DOS File/SaveAs dialog box from Word for saving documents into DOS. In the dialog, if the user selects the "Options" button and entered "OK" from the Options dialog box, the Cancel button of the SaveAs dialog will be changed to "Close" which should behave the same as "Cancel". The integration treats it like an "OK" and saves the file. Modules Updated: DECWORD6.DOT This kit also contains the following fixes from previous ECO kits: o DX files sent from VMSMAIL are not displayed properly in TeamLinks. o General Protection Fault (GPF) in CONVERT.DLL when file tag is greater than 15 characters. o General Protection Fault (GPF) in the MS Word for MAC viewer under certain conditions. o TeamLinks V2.1 - Can't print Routing Service Message o User has problem with viewing a word document o WPSplus converter for Word6 hangs. o Problems saving documents when multiple Word docs open AIK o TeamLinks V2.1 AIK for Word V2.0-c - Find File greyed out o Problems with the excel AIK for Teamlinks Verion 2.1 (update) o TeamLinks V2.1 , Saving to a different format the tagging will be wrong. o TeamLinks V2.1 , problem with spreadsheet files. o Converting Word 6 to WPSPLUS changes single and/or double quotes to underscores. o Hyphens incorrectly displayed. o Loss of GDI resource with every print. o WPS-PLUS A4 document print sizes scaled too small. o Erroneous codes in WPS+ - WPWIN Conversion. o Local file cabinet corruption. o Garbage notification after print. o Unfriendly drawer name generated for new DEC MAILworks drawers. o Refiling mail with attached drawers. o DX Viewer & umlauts problem / WPCORP columns. o GPF when Wordperfect V5.2 save as from Word V6. o Reading New Mail causes memory leak. o Saving documents when application is launched. o RTF Viewer loses document integrity o Invalid Object IDs with TeamRoute documents. o Creation date lost when moving messages into an IOS drawer o Cut and Copy not working in some cases. o Problem with socket dropping when using NEWMAIL. o Problem with VIEW.DLL from ECO #2.

This patch can be found at any of these sites:

Colorado Site
Georgia Site

Files on this server are as follows:


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