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DCE-W95 DCEW9520E05 DIGITAL DCE for Windows 95 Runtime Services ECO Summary

TITLE: DCE-W95 DCEW9520E05 DIGITAL DCE for Windows 95 Runtime Services ECO Summary Modification Date: 07-AUG-1998 Modification Type: Updated ECO Kit - Supersedes DCEWIN9520E01 PRODUCT: DIGITAL DCE for Windows 95 Runtime Services OP/SYS: Windows 95 COMPONENTs: acl_server.readme libdce.DBG dts_acts_provider.DBG dced.DBG dcecp.DBG dcesetup.DBG dcestart.DBG migrate_win32.DBG dcecm.DBG dts_acts_provider.exe dtsdate.exe dced.exe dcecp.exe dcesetup.exe dcestart.exe dce_deinstall.exe clean_11x.dll migrate_win32.dll setloc1.dll gencat.exe mkcatdef.exe dcecm.dll DCEUninstall.dll win32_kill.exe win32_ps.exe strt2dce.tcl files.tcl SOURCE: Compaq Computer Corporation ECO INFORMATION: ECO Kit Name: DCEW9520E05 ECO Kits Superseded by This ECO Kit: DCEWIN9520E01 ECO Kit Approximate Size: 25738 Blocks Zip File - 25726 Blocks Kit Applies To: DIGITAL DCE for Windows 95 V2.0 Windows 95 V1.0 through Windows 95 w/Service Pak 1 and OSR/2 System/Cluster Reboot Necessary: No (See Installation Notes) ECO KIT SUMMARY: An ECO kit exists for DIGITAL DCE Runtime Services V2.0 on Windows 95 V1.0. This kit addresses the following problems: Problems Addressed in DCEW9520E05: o DHCP is now supported for DCE clients. o Previously, R1.0.3-based VMS servers occasionally logged Wrong Principal errors when DCE for Windows 95 V2.0 clients were configured into the cell. These errors appeared as "(RPC_CN_AUTH_VFY_CLIENT_REQ) on server failed status = 14129090" in the server dce$secd.out log file. This problem has been fixed. o The dts_acts_provider.exe has been updated to include support for the year 2000. ECOs 2, 3, and 4 were never issued. This ECO includes the fix that was also included in ECO 1. Problems Addressed in DCEWIN9520E01: o DCE Auto-Start will occur at boot time as opposed to being invoked from the Startup folder. The side effect of this fix is that you will no longer see the 'dcestart' MS-DOS window popup after login. Also, between user logoff and logins, DCE daemons stay up and DCE Auto-Start is not invoked. INSTALLATION NOTES: Install this ECO by running setup.exe from the ECO kit. The installation procedure will detect which DCE products are installed (Runtime and/or ADK) and update the product(s) as appropriate for this ECO. If, after the installation of the ECO, the DCE installation is modified by adding other DCE products, the ECO must be reapplied. It is recommended that you stop and exit DCE and all associated DCE programs prior to installation. If this is not possible, you must at least exit and restart the following programs in order for the ECO changes to take effect after the installation: 1. DCESETUP 2. DCECP In addition, if Integrated Login had been configured and you wish to log off and log in under the same or a different user name, you must reboot the system first in order for Integrated Login to work properly. Disk space required for the ECO kit: 13 MB

This patch can be found at any of these sites:

Colorado Site
Georgia Site

Files on this server are as follows:


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