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SNA-DTF SNADTFU_E04032 SNA-DTF Utility V3.2 ECO 4 Summary

NOTE: An OpenVMS saveset or PCSI installation file is stored on the Internet in a self-expanding compressed file. The name of the compressed file will be kit_name-dcx_vaxexe for OpenVMS VAX or kit_name-dcx_axpexe for OpenVMS Alpha. Once the file is copied to your system, it can be expanded by typing RUN compressed_file. The resultant file will be the OpenVMS saveset or PCSI installation file which can be used to install the ECO. *SNA-DTF] SNADTFU_E04032 SNA-DTF Utility V3.2 ECO 4 Summary Modification Date: 18-MAY-98 Modification Type: Updated Kit: Supersedes SNADTFU_E03032 Copyright (c) Digital Equipment Corporation 1997, 1998. All rights reserved. PRODUCT: DECnet/SNA Data Transfer Facility Utility OP/SYS: OpenVMS VAX OpenVMS Alpha SOURCE: Digital Equipment Corporation ECO INFORMATION: ECO Kit Name: SNADTFU_E04032 ECO Kits Superseded by This ECO Kit: SNADTFU_E03032 SNADTFU_E02032 ECO Kit Approximate Size: 2682 Blocks Kit Applies To: DECnet/SNA Data Transfer Facility V3.2 for OpenVMS OpenVMS VAX V6.1, V6.2, V7.0, V7.1 OpenVMS Alpha V6.1, V6.2, V7.0, V7.1 System/Cluster Reboot Necessary: No NOTE: SNADTFU_E04032 is a cumulative kit containing all corrections from SNADTFU_E03032 and SNADTFU_E02032. ECO KIT SUMMARY: An ECO kit exists for DECnet SNA Data Transfer Facility Server V3.2 on OpenVMS V6.1 through V7.1. This kit provides fixes for the following problems: Problems addressed by the SNADTFU_E04032 Kit: o When GAI received an unbind request, the unbind response was never sent out if the user didn't issue a deactivate_ session call. The LU would stay in the unbinding state. The code has been modified so that when an unbind request is received the session is terminated properly. o Change fopen in write_log to force opening of a stream_lf logfile. The problem was that if a previous version of the log file had "var" attributes the new file would inherit that attribute and then type out as a single column file. o SNADTF was sending a large file with large RUs to the mainframe and receiving IPR's from the other side. The buffer allocated to hold the IPR was not being deallocated. This was causing a memory leak. The error message that would appear was: "-SNADTF-F-UNERETSYS, unexpected return code from a system routine %INSVIRMEM, insufficient virtual memory" The NEWAI was modified to deallocate the IPR buffer. Problems addressed by the SNADTFU_E03032 Kit: o IBM initiated transfers to the VAX failed. Problems addressed by the SNADTFU_E02032 Kit: o GAI_CLOSE would not deallocate channels on abnormal disconnects. This has now been corrected and the sna__rcv_callback routine now will deallocate the channels. o The pacing indicator was never being set on first request RH in pacing window when sending data to host. This has now been corrected in the SNA__PAC_RQ_SEND routine. o Pacing not working properly when a pacing value was specified. This has been corrected in the sna__tc_ dequeue_q_pac by checking if pacing_count is greater than zero. Previously pacing_window was being checked in error. o Fixed the problem where SNARCOPY SHOW JOB command was looping, when the generic queue and all other queues are empty. o When two or more same copies were running at the same time, the error message "-SNADTF-F-SSFAIL, call to system service $CHANGE_ACL failed" returned. Multiple RCOPY jobs were being submitted that created the same workfile.WRK in the SNADTF$MANAGER directory. RCOPY attempted to set an ACL on the file. However, RCOPY didn't maintain the version number of the work file, so two or more submitters attempted to set the ACL on the same file! o Fixed an QIO access violation when DTF copy with RMS default network block count was above 125. INSTALLATION NOTES: The ECO kit is installed with the VMSINSTAL command procedure. The ECO kit checks to ensure that a valid license is installed before proceeding. If one is not found, the installation aborts. The minimum supported OpenVMS versions supported by this ECO: OpenVMS VAX V6.1

This patch can be found at any of these sites:

Colorado Site
Georgia Site

Files on this server are as follows:


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