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Copyright (c) Digital Equipment Corporation 1997. All rights reserved. PRODUCT: DIGITAL LADEBUG V4.0-43 OP/SYS: DIGITAL UNIX [R] SOURCE: Digital Equipment Corporation ECO INFORMATION: ECO Kit Name: OSFLDB401 ECO Kits Superseded by This ECO Kit: None ECO Kit Approximate Size: 11056 Blocks (5660672 Bytes) Kit Applies To: DIGITAL UNIX V4.0 through UNIX V4.0D System/Cluster Reboot Necessary: No (See Installation Notes) ECO KIT SUMMARY: An ECO kit exists for DIGITAL LADEBUG on DIGITAL UNIX V4.0 and higher. The following is a summary of the kit: KIT DESCRIPTION: Digital Ladebug for DIGITAL UNIX Systems is a fully symbolic debugger with graphical user interface (GUI) for the DIGITAL UNIX platform. Key features of Ladebug allow you to: * Perform source-level debugging * Attach to a running process * Debug programs with shared libraries * Debug multithreaded applications * Debug multiprocess applications, including programs that fork/exec * Perform remote client/server debugging * Perform kernel debugging * Provide I18N support for local language characters Ladebug supports the debugging of programs written in C, C++, Fortran, Fortran 90, Ada and COBOL. Ladebug features expression evaluation using the syntax of the source programming language. For full information about the Ladebug debugger, please refer to the following manual (see the "Documentation" section below for how to retrieve this manual): DIGITAL UNIX: Ladebug Debugger Manual WHAT'S NEW AT VERSION 4.0-43: o Digital has discovered a potential vulnerability with the LADEBUG software, where under certain circumstances, an unauthorized user may gain unauthorized privileges. This potential security issue has been resolved and is no longer present with the installation of this ECO. 27 MAY 1998 o Remote debugging is working again on DIGITAL UNIX Version 4.0. o Command line interface now supports editing of lines which are longer than screen width. o Several bugs were fixed. Please refer to the release notes for details. KNOWN LIMITATIONS: o See the release notes for full details about known problems and restrictions. GENERAL: o There is a serious problem with Ladebug running on some hardware running DIGITAL UNIX Version 4.0B. A kernel patch may be necessary. See the release notes for full details. o The release of the GUI in these kits works only with the Ladebug debugger that is included in these kits. DEC FUSE: o The release of the GUI in these kits works with DEC FUSE Version V3.1 only. Please refer to the release notes for details. C++ Run-Time SUPPORT LIBRARY: o DEC OSF/1 V3.2 and DIGITAL UNIX V3.2 You must install the 3.0-7 version of the "DEC C++ Class Library, Run-Time Support" library from a DEC C++ kit. The subset name is CXXSHRDA307. See the TURRIS::C_PLUS_PLUS Notes Conference for announcements of their kits. You can retrieve DEC C++ kits from the DEC C/C++ kits web page: Or by using anonymous ftp directly, beginning at this directory: DIGITAL UNIX V4.0: o No special action is necessary when installing this version of Ladebug on DIGITAL UNIX V4.0. KIT LOCATION: You may retrieve the kits from the Ladebug Kit Information web page at: Here, for your convenience, are the locations of the kits and related documentation. The lines beginning with ftp: are World Wide Web URLs and the DECNET: lines show the pathname that you would copy in a UNIX dcp command. * Ladebug Debugger Version 4.0-43 for DIGITAL UNIX V4.0 o o DECNET: sdesv1::/usr/proj/debug/public/kits/alpha/LDB443/LDB443-v4.0.tar * Ladebug Debugger Version 4.0-43 for DEC OSF/1 V3.2 and DIGITAL UNIX V3.2 o o DECNET: sdesv1::/usr/proj/debug/public/kits/alpha/LDB443/LDB443-v3.2.tar * Ladebug Debugger release notes o o DECNET: sdesv1::/usr/proj/debug/public/kits/alpha/LDB443/release-notes.txt * this cover letter o o DECNET: sdesv1::/usr/proj/debug/public/kits/alpha/LDB443/cover-letter.txt INSTALLATION NOTES: To install your kit you must be logged in as root, and you must complete the following steps. 1. Copy the appropriate tar set for the version of the Operating System on which you will install the kit. 2. Unpack the tar set with this command: # tar -xvf You may delete the tar set at this time. (Once you have completed the installation, you may delete all of the files produced by this step.) 3. Deinstall previous versions of the subsets on this kit (this step is not necessary if this is your first kit). To see what subsets are currently installed, issue the following command: # setld -i | grep LDB and note which subsets are marked as "installed". Then issue a setld "delete" command to remove those subsets. For example: # setld -d LDBBASE3016 LDBGUI3016 4. Finally, to install the current kit, execute the command:

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