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ADVFS AFA436 Advanced File System Utilities V4.0E for Tru64 UNIX ECO Summary

TITLE: ADVFS AFA436 Advanced File System Utilities V4.0E for Tru64 UNIX ECO Summary Copyright (c) Compaq Computer Corporation 1999. All rights reserved. Modification Date: 22-FEB-99 Modification Type: Reloaded to Internet PRODUCT: Advanced File System Utilities V4.0E for Compaq Tru64 UNIX (formerly DIGITAL UNIX) OP/SYS: Compaq Tru64 UNIX [R] V4.0 through V4.0E SOURCE: Compaq Computer Corporation ECO INFORMATION: ECO Kit Name: AFA436 ECO Kits Superseded by This ECO Kit: none ECO Kit Approximate Size: 12,580 Blocks, 6,440,960 Bytes Kit Applies To: Advanced File System Utilities V4.0E for Tru64 UNIX (formerly DIGITAL UNIX) Compaq Tru64 UNIX V4.0 through V4.0E System/Cluster Reboot Necessary: No Installation Rating: N/A Kit Dependencies: The following remedial kit(s) must be installed BEFORE installation of this kit: None In order to receive all the corrections listed in this kit, the following remedial kits should also be installed: None INSTALLATION NOTE: This ECO kit performs a full, replacement installation of the product; but the user must de-install previously installed software first. ECO KIT SUMMARY: An ECO kit exists for Advanced File System Utilities V4.0E on Compaq Tru64 UNIX V4.0 through V4.0E (formerly DIGITAL UNIX). This kit addresses the following problems: Problems Addressed in AFA436: o This ECO is a re-packaging of the V4.0E, Release 435 kit. The defragment utility was moved into a separate subset. The previous release of the V4.0E kit (release 435) installed the defragment utility in a way that caused difficulty for the installation of patches. Because of this, the inaugural patch kit for DIGITAL UNIX V4.0E will prevent the installation of all previous releases of this product. If the user wishes to install this product after applying a patch kit, they will be required to install either this release of the product, or a later release. Due to the inclusion of the defragment utility into the DIGITAL UNIX operating system, installing prior releases of the Advanced File System Advanced Utilities software will result in conflicting or incorrect information in the database of installed software. As a result, de-installing an older Advanced File System Advanced Utilities kit may delete the defragment utility from the system. To address this issue, patch kits for DIGITAL UNIX versions V4.0D and V4.0E will 1) repair the database, and 2) prevent the installation of the older Advanced File System Advanced Utilities kits. Similar functionality is being built into the next release of the operating system. If you have installed a patch kit that prevents the installation of the older Advanced File System Advanced Utilities kits, you will only be able to install a newer kit on your system. This kit contains the same files as the previous release of the v4.0e Advanced File System Advanced Utilities kit, but the defragment utility has been moved into a separate subset so as to prevent the problem from recurring. This problem is fixed in Advanced File System Utilities V4.0F for Compaq Tru64 UNIX. INSTALLATION NOTES: This update is installed using the setld utility. All prior releases of this software must be removed before installing this release. See the Installation Guide for complete details. A summary follows: 1) Log onto the system as root. 2) Shut down the existing daemon with the following command: /sbin/init.d/advfsd stop 3) Remove the existing kits. The following command may be used to determine which kits are installed on your system: /usr/sbin/setld -i To find which kits should be deleted, use the following command: /usr/sbin/setld -i | grep AFAADV | grep installed The kits which should be deleted would have names beginning with one of the following strings: AFAADVANCED4* AFAADVMAN4* AFAADVDAEMON4* AFAADVGUI4* To remove a kit, use a command of the form: /usr/sbin/setld -d [kit-name] e.g., /usr/sbin/setld -d AFAADVDAEMON401 4) Extract the subset files from the ECO kit. The subset files are shipped together in one tar file. Before you can install the new kit, you must extract the subset files from the tar file. First locate a filesystem which has sufficient space to hold the extracted subset files. (This should use approximately 6 megabytes of disk space.) Then cd to a directory on that filesystem. The subset files are stored in dot-relative form in the tar file. When unpacked, the ECO kit will create two directories in your current directory: kit, and doc. For example, if the ECO kit is in your current directory, and you wish to store the subset files in the same directory tree, you might do the following: a) mkdir AFA436 This creates a directory "beneath" your current directory where the subset files will be put. b) cd AFA436 Move into the directory c) tar -xvf ../AFA436.tar . This command extracts the subset files from the ECO tar file that is named "AFA436.tar" and stored in the ".." directory. (That is, the directory which holds the AFA436 directory.) d) ls This will show you the contents of the AFA436 directory. You should see two directories: kit and doc. The subsets and control files are in the kit directory. 5) Install the new kit using a command of the form: /usr/sbin/setld -l [location of setld files] Continuing from the previous example, do: a) cd kit b) /usr/sbin/setld -l . You will be presented with a menu of subsets that you may install. Note that with this kit has an additional subset. The AFADEFRAGMENT subset did not exist in previous kits. If you do not have the defragment binary on your system, the AdvFS Defragment utility will be selected automatically. 6) If you chose to install the AdvFS Daemon, you may restart it with the command: /sbin/init.d/advfsd start A system reboot is not necessary. [R] UNIX is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries licensed exclusively through X/Open Company Limited All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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