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Copyright (c) Digital Equipment Corporation 1996. All rights reserved. PRODUCT: POLYCENTER Manager on Netview for Digital UNIX OP/SYS: Digital UNIX[R] SOURCE: Digital Equipment Corporation ECO INFORMATION: ECO Kit Name: PNVECO01412 ECO Kits Superseded by This ECO Kit: None ECO Kit Approximate Size: 17240 Blocks 8826880 Bytes Kit Applies To: POLYCENTER Manager on Netview for Digital UNIX V4.1B Digital UNIX V3.2 through V4.0 System/Cluster Reboot Necessary: No ECO KIT SUMMARY: An ECO kit exists for POLYCENTER Manager on NetView for Digital UNIX V4.1B on Digital UNIX V3.2 through V4.0. This kit addresses the following problems: o c_arf2srf command would core The c_arf2srf command would core dump whenever used. o Events window would core when clearing selected events from a workspace The Events window (nvevents) would core when the menu item "Edit->Clear Selected->From This Workspace" was selected. o nvsecd would core when "Group list" popup was selected from nvauth The nvsecd daemon would core when the "Group list" popup was selected from the nvauth application o Acknowledge propagation not working for open topology When you acknowledged one interface for a node, the node would turn green (even though there were other red interfaces for the node which had not been acknowledged). o EUI would core when doing "refresh" after double-clicking on childless icon The EUI would core when doing a "File->Refresh Map" on a read-only map after double-clicking on an icon with no children. o Automatic action for traps would sometimes not work Under certain circumstances, an automatic action for a trap would not be invoked and the error message which was displayed showed garbage characters at the end of the action command. o In the Events Window, "Suppress Traps From Unmanaged Nodes" would not work In the Events Window, "Options->Suppress Traps From Unmanaged Nodes" would not work correctly, traps from unmanaged nodes were still appearing in the Events window. o Trap configuration updates not occurring immediately After modifying a trap using the "Options->Event Configuration: Trap Customization: SNMP..." window, the modification would not take effect until the daemons were stopped and restarted. NOTE: This problem only occurred on Digital UNIX V4.0. o Cores fixed in nvserverd and nvlockd daemons Under certain circumstances, the nvserverd and nvlockd daemons would core. INSTALLATION NOTES: The installation will only succeed if V4.1B of POLYCENTER Manager on Netview is already installed. To verify that POLYCENTER Manager on NetView V4.1B is installed type: # setld -i | grep PNV | grep installed To un-tar this ECO kit, type the following commands: #cd [directory where you want to store the kit] #tar xvf pnveco01412.tar Install this kit with the setld utility by logging into the root account, and typing the following at the system prompt: #setld -l [directory in which you un-tared the kit] The ECO kit checks to ensure that a valid license is installed before proceeding. If one is not found, the installation aborts. [R] UNIX is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries licensed exclusively through X/Open Company Limited.

This patch can be found at any of these sites:

Colorado Site
Georgia Site

Files on this server are as follows:


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