ZXnet FTP Archive: Supreme Commander

Supreme Commander on the ZXnet FTP Archive
This is the FTP Archive on ftp.zx.net.nz. It contains the following:
Third-Party stuff including Tools, Mods and Maps
Supreme Commander: Beta
Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance; a stand-alone expansion for Supreme Commander.
Supreme Commander 2 - The sequel.

Latest Files
The following are the latest files available for Supreme Commander:

Supreme Commander Patch v1.0.3189 to v1.1.3280 (only patch required for a fresh install)
Supreme Commander Patch v1.0.3189 to v1.1.3251 [3217 README] [3220 README]
Supreme Commander Hotfix v1.1.3251 to v1.1.3254
Supreme Commander Hotfix v1.1.3254 to v1.1.3255
Supreme Commander Hotfix v1.1.3255 to v1.1.3260
Supreme Commander Hotfix v1.1.3260 to v1.1.3269
Supreme Commander Hotfix v1.1.3269 to v1.1.3280
Supreme Commander Map Editor v1.0 pre-alpha

Supreme Commander
Currently build numbers are being used to identify different versions of Supreme Commander. The retail (gold) versions build number is 3189 - a clean install will have this build number.

The following incremental patches are available:
v1.0.3189 (retail/gold version) to v1.0.3217
v1.0.3217 to v1.0.3220
v1.0.3220 to v1.0.3223
v1.0.3223 to v1.1.3251
v1.1.3251 to v1.1.3254
v1.1.3254 to v1.1.3255
v1.1.3255 to v1.1.3260
v1.1.3260 to v1.1.3269
v1.1.3269 to v1.1.3280

The following are standalone patches. These patch from the retail/gold version (v1.0.3189) up to the version stated:

See 01-README.txt for patch release notes

This patch removes SecuROM security checks
Some people have experienced difficulties involving missing or invalid INI/Registry entries when trying to patch up to build 3217. 3217 revision B has been released which should correct these issues. Asside from this it is no different. You can get the revised patcher here.
This patch contains new units.
To install a GPGnet patch you must copy the patch to the GPGnet directory and run it from there. Not all GPGnet patches released have been archived here. As a result these patches may not work on certain versions of GPGnet.
v1.5.52.36494 to v1.5.58.21925

Gas Powered Games has not yet released any official maps for download and it is not known if they ever will. There are however 3rd party maps.

New units are currently being released via patches. The following patches contain new units:
v1.1.3255 to v1.1.3260
v1.1.3260 to v1.1.3269

Supreme Commander: Demo
Demo Tutorials

Supreme Commander Map Editor v1.0 pre-alpha (copy to SupCom bin directory)
Supreme Commander Map Editor v4.0 pre-alpha (copy to SupCom bin directory)
headers, parsers and examples of SupCom animation and model formats

An updated GPGnet installer is available here. This is the final version of GPGnet released. It is not of much use anymore as GPGnet was shutdown in March 2012. You should make sure you have uninstalled GPGNet and removed its files before running this installer.

FilePlanet Beta Tutorial Movies
Demo Tutorials
Other Media

Multiplayer FAQ
Patch 3217 readme
Patch 3220 readme
Supcom Map Guide (v1 map editor)

Quick map editor guide

Third Party stuff
Alot of 3rd-party maps and mods are available from the GPGnet vault along with replays and other stuff.
Supreme Scenario Editor v0.38 BETA
Supreme Scenario Editor v0.40 BETA
Supreme Scenario Editor v0.46 BETA
Supreme Scenario Editor v0.471 BETA
3dsmax exporter v1.1b
archived versions of the 3dsmax exporter

SCA UI Mod 3.0 and v3.2 - very customisable UI mod.
Strategic Whiteboard - This mod allows you to draw (in a limited fashion) to coordinate with your allies. It is a sim mod so all users require it.
SC:TA 0.57 beta release - a Total Annihilation Total Conversion mod for Supreme Commander; a work in progress
Sorian AI v2.83 - A replacement for the standard AI
TCCs TA MapPack - 'remastered' Total Annihilation map pack for SupCom
Supreme Commander: Beta
The Supreme Commander beta is now closed. It is possible to play Skirmish or LAN games using version 1.0.27 and the appropriate hack. Versions 3.0 or above require a connection to the internet to operate and so will no longer work. The 1.0.27 LAN/Skirmish hack is not compatible with any other version - the game engine in 1.0.30+ has been adjusted to require an internet connection. This can not be changed.
Supreme Commander Beta 1.0.20
Supreme Commander Beta 1.0.38
1.0.20 to 1.0.27
1.0.27 to 1.0.30
1.0.30 to 1.0.38
1.0.38 to 1.0.44
1.0.44 to 1.0.49
1.0.49 to 1.0.52
1.0.52 to 1.0.53
1.0.27 Skirmish/LAN hack
FilePlanet Beta Tutorial Movies
Beta Basics FAQ
Beta Close Email