Drivers for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) Products

Drivers for DEC products are currently scattered all over the FTP archive and www.zx.net.nz. This page provides an index of places to look.

If you've got something to contribute to the archive, please email ftpadmin@zx.net.nz

Products Notes
All DEC PC products This should have drivers and other bits for all DEC branded IBM-PC compatbiles - desktop PCs, Servers and Laptops. Compaq branded DEC PCs are covered too of course. There is also Documentation and Service Manuals for some PCs as well as Photos and Specs.
Windows NT on Alpha Workstations Drivers, configuration utilities, firmware and HALs. Should be everything you need to install Windows NT on a supported Alpha workstation or server. See the FX!32 page if you want to run x86 software on your Alpha powered Windows NT box. There are a few extra bits for AXPpci motherboards here. And there are a bunch of files dated 1996-1997 from Digital Semiconductor for the various Alpha motherboards they made here - see dsc-software-alpha.html for descriptions of the files.
All DEC Network products This should have drivers and manuals for everything - network adapters, hubs, switches, routers, software, etc. The files themselves live over in the ftp.compaq.com mirror, here. Some extra RoamAbout bits are here.
Digital branded Ethernet Adapters (EtherWORKS) These are drivers for all Digital branded ethernet adatapers (eg DE100, DE200, DE300, DE400, DE500, etc). If you need an older driver, some old updates can be found here. Some more information on these cards can be found here but note that download links won't work from these pages.
Digital FDDI Network Adapters Drivers for Digital branded FDDI network adapters. Some more information on FDDI adapters can be fond here but note that download links won't work from those pages.
DC21x4 Ethernet Chip drivers These are generic ethernet drivers for "Tulip" DECchip DC21x4 chips made by Digital Semiconductor. Use these if you've got a non-DEC brand ethernet card (eg, an SMC EtherPower, D-Link DFE500) with a DEC ethernet chip and you can't find the manufacturers original drivers. These drivers are all from mid-1998 - newer drivers may have been made available from Intel who bought Digital Semiconductor from DEC in 1997. For a description of files in the directory, see dsc-software-nc.html but note the download links in that document won't work.
Digital ATM Adapters Drivers for Digital branded ATM adapters.
Alpha Systems Firmware - 7.3 (April 2007) There may be a few broken links around the place, especially for retired models. All files are present - it seems HP just moved some stuff around without updating the webpage. If you hit a broken link, try browsing for the file from here.
Misc Alpha Drivers, Utilities & Manuals You should be able to find stuff like RAID configuration utilities as well as documentation and other bits in the AlphaServer areas of the Compaq, HP ftp mirrors and the Alpha area of the Digital FTP mirror.
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