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Released - April 2007

This Web page contains the most current release of the Alpha Systems Firmware Update CD.  Please read the license agreement, which describes legal restrictions using Alpha Systems software obtained from the Internet.

Make Your Own Bootable Firmware CD

To make your own bootable CD only image (bootable DVD's are not supported), download the zipped .iso image (over 200MB) to a PC with CD writing abilities. Create your CD then boot the CD to update firmware on one of the systems listed on CD.

Ordering Firmware Distribution Service

In the United States, order part number QT-5VUAA-XA to automatically receive the Alpha Systems Firmware CD each release. Order QB-5VUAA-SA.7.3 to receive just the CD. Place orders at 1-800-448-6737. In other countries, please contact Hewlett-Packard Technical Support . HP employees may order the CD from the following site.

Release Notes Overview 

The Release Notes Overview contains the following information:
- describes the Alpha firmware CD boot procedure
- lists important changes
- lists the Operating Systems/Firmware Revision Matrix
- lists the Console and I/O Device Revision Table
      PDF version  or  Postscript Version

Download Firmware Images

Downloadable firmware images are available for the systems listed. Select a system model and review the associated release notes for instructions to download and to update firmware. Firmware images can also be downloaded via anonymous FTP or from this ftp site.

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