These CD-ROMs are the results of my voluntary effort to gather and build “a few” packages for the almost archaeological platform DEC ULTRIX. The current version of ULTRIX is from 1995, and today we expect to find a new version of our favourite OS every or maybe every second year, so ULTRIX is a little behind (for those who might not know: the official ULTRIX project has been long dead, by now). I hope these CD-ROMs will be a little fix to the situation. I’m sure you’ll find at least some of these packages useful!

Acquiring the software

These binaries are free. Most packages are available under GNU or similar type of open source license, please read the documentation that comes with each individual package for more information about the software licensing. You can download any binary you want at the archives. No registration or login/password is required. I would, however, appreciate some user's feedback in return, from you ULTRIX people. The newest versions of my CD-ROMs can be obtained directly from me, Joachim Buss.


Current version: 2.0
Current release date:  September 2002 

Statistics and package index

ULTRIX/RISC 176 packages 700 MB* Link to PDF index
ULTRIX/VAX 81 packages 500 MB* Link to PDF index
OSF/MIPS 12 packages 50 MB* Link to PDF index
 *=compressed with bzip2

General information about the freeware

If you want some additional information about the freeware please read the following documentation, link to my PDF readme file.

Building Open Source Software on DEC ULTRIX V4.5

Should you ever want to build your own open source software (or other software for that matter) on ULTRIX,  you probably need to either install the GNU tools and use them or you can do it the hard way, port the programs to ULTRIX and use the native compiler. I've written a document on this topic:
This document is slightly outdated, however, the most important issues are covered.

Links to the download archives

ISO CD-image Archive, Germany  *Original mirror*
ISO CD-image Archive, New Zealand   *Local mirror*

Link to the DECstation / VAXen / DEC Alpha links page.

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