SGI IRIX Freeware

IDO (IRIS Development Option) for IRIX 5.3

IDO is available at no charge. It includes headers, libraries and a C compiler so that development (including building gcc and other open source packages and compilers) may be done.


  • IDO is ONLY usable on systems running IRIX 5.3.
  • IDO and IRIX 5.3 are unsupported. Use these at your own risk.

The IRIX 5.3 IDO C compiler, libraries and headers for IRIX 5.3 development are now available for download. Among the components included are:

  • full set of headers
  • an assembler
  • a linker
  • object tools (nm, strip, dbx)
  • an ANSI C compiler and and a K&R C compiler
  • various archive libraries and shared libraries.

The SGI part number for IRIX 5.3 IDO is 812-0129-005. Its product name is "iris-development-option-5.3".

Follow the instructions below to download this software:

NOTE: Files whose names end with .tardist are just tar(1) files. The contents can be extracted in the shell with the following command and the extracted files installed using either inst(1) or swmgr(1).

tar xvf iris-development-option-5.3.tardist

There is no charge for downloading the compiler, the libraries or the headers. The images are usable on any and all IRIX 5.3 system(s). They may be copied to and used on multiple IRIX 5.3 systems.

If you have trouble installing a tardist file, go to SGI/Freeware Frequently Asked Questions for various hints.

The mechanism for ordering physical CDs is not yet in place. We will announce this feature once it is available.

NOTE: If you have an IRIX 5.3 IDO CD you do not need to download the 5.3 IDO software from this page. You may now install the IRIX 5.3 IDO software and the images, from CD, on multiple machines.