SGI IRIX Freeware

This is the May 2004 edition of the SGI® IRIX® Freeware distribution. This site contains open source and freeware packages built and inst-packaged for IRIX® 6.5.

The open source software packages on this site are authored and provided by many generous individuals and organizations throughout the world. It is through their efforts that these useful and high-quality software packages exist.

The software in these packages is not supported by SGI. While we cannot make any promises, freeware volunteers may be able to help resolve problems you encounter in the installation, setup, or execution of this software. Please send us e-mail with feedback, bug reports, patches, etc.

Packages built after May 2001 are compiled with the MIPSpro 7.3 compilers. If you are running an operating system that predates IRIX 6.5.10 you will need to install the run-time support patches described in FAQ 2.2.

Recent changes:

  • A directory of beta versions of some new Freeware packages has been added. This directory may periodically get updated until the subsequent Freeware release.
  • A directory with merged CD contents for easier http installs. If you have the patience to install over the net try running "inst -f" next time, and commands like "install prereqs" will work. (Note that there have been reports of inst core dumps on pre-6.5.16 systems doing this.)
  • A collection of contributed files.
  • A prereq calculator for viewing package dependencies.
  • Source code is available online in the source subdirectory.
  • CD contents (with unpacked inst images) are available online in the cd-1, cd-2, cd-3, and cd-4 subdirectories.
  • A fw_common.sw.security_fixes subsystem was created to bring known security problems to your attention.