Utilities vrflash by Jeff Carneal <jeff@apex.net> This rocks! vrflash has etxack and xmodem-load built-in and it works great! Hands-down the best way to flash upgrade your VR3. I included a pre-built x86 binary for convenience. I use it like this: vrflash -R -s ttyS0 vmlinux.binary kernel root.cramfs romdisk but watch out - the -R switch WILL CAUSE VRFLASH TO WIPE OUT ALL YOUR USER DATA ON THE VR3, so back up first. rsync-win32 A cygwin port of rsync for use with win32. Includes the rsync executable and the cygwin dll file. etxack by Bradley D. LaRonde xmodemload by Paul Jiminez etxack and xmodemload are already built into vrflash, but I put them here in case you need them for some reason. The source for xmodem-load is in the Agenda CVS. Use vrflash and you probably won't ever need these.