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HP Services Software Patches - dceeco1b013
Copyright (c) Digital Equipment Corporation 1996.  All rights reserved.

PRODUCT:  Digital Distributed Computing Environment (DCE)

OP/SYS:   Digital UNIX[R]

SOURCE:   Digital Equipment Corporation


     ECO Kit Name:  DCEECO1B013
     ECO Kits Superseded by This ECO Kit:  None
     ECO Kit Approximate Size:  11360 Blocks
                                5816320 Bytes
     Kit Applies To:  Digital Distributing Computing Environment V1.3B
                      Digital UNIX V3.0 - V3.x
     System Reboot Necessary:  See INSTALLATION NOTES


An ECO kit exists for Digital Distributing Computing Environment (DCE)
V1.3B on Digital UNIX V3.0 through V3.x.  

The release notes contain a complete explanation of the problems
addressed in this ECO.  Briefly, the following problems are addressed in

  o  Fixed dtsd to avoid the memory channel DLI option on TruCluster

  o  Fixed a dfsbind hang problem on SMP machines.

  o  Fixed a DFS client crash when accessing read-only filesets from
     IBM/Solaris servers.

  o  Fixed DFS V1.3.2 on Digital UNIX V3.2D or later -- 'ld' command no
     longer hangs.

  o  Change dcesetup.sep and getcellinfo so you can configure into 
     HP R1.1 cells.

  o  The reference to sec_clientd was altered to use full pathname so
     that after the initial configuration, a 'dcesetup stop' would
     successfully find and kill sec_clientd.

  o  Fixed a memory leak.

  o  objref.cxx has been enhanced to the registerObject() function so
     that it creates new bindings instead of returning rpc_s_no_bindings
     when the object has no current bindings.

  o  The function registerObject now returns if it encounters a non-proxy
     object. The routine also creates a binding vector if necessary.

  o  Fixed authenticated TCP RPC problems.


You must already have Digital DCE V1.3B installed on your system. 

First extract the software subsets to a local directory:

    % tar xf /DCEECO1B013.TAR

Load the subsets from the output directory..

    % setld -l output

..choosing the desired subsets presented in the menu.  See the Release Notes
for the full details of the selections.

NOTE:  The online Release Notes and Cover Letter can be found in the
       directory where the DCEECO1B013.TAR was untarred.

If you do not have DECNET configured on your system, you may simply restart
DCE with:

    % /usr/sbin/dcesetup start

If you are running DECNET, then you must reconfigure your cell or the time
daemon will not be started.

If you are running DCE/DFS, you will need to rebuild the kernel using
doconfig to include the new DFS kernel objects.  Type doconfig and
choose the DCEDFS kernel option from the menu (along with any others you
desire).  Copy the resulting kernel to /vmunix, reboot, and run
/usr/sbin /dfssetup to configure DFS, if it has not already been 

[R]  UNIX is a registered trademark in the United States and other
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