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HP Services Software Patches - tlwe0327
Copyright (c) Digital Equipment Corporation 1997.  All rights reserved.

PRODUCT:    TeamLinks Office V2.7 for Microsoft Windows

OP/SYS:     MS-DOS, Version 5.0 or later
            Windows, Version 3.1 or later

SOURCE:     Digital Equipment Corporation


     ECO Kit Name:  TLWE0327
     ECO Kits Superseded by This ECO Kit:  TLWE0227
     ECO Kit Approximate Size:     6088  Blocks
                                3117056 Bytes


An ECO kit exists for TeamLinks Office V2.7 for Microsoft Windows.

Problems addressed in the TLWE0327 kit:

  o  Hewlett Packard Laserjet 4 and 4m Plus printers miss lines 
     when printing a default cover memo from TeamLinks V2.7
     ECO1 on Windows NT V3.51.

  o  Some WordPerfect bullet characters display incorrectly.

  o  Data is lost if the DELETE key is used while using
     "List New Mail."

  o  GDI loss occurs when printing because system resources
     are not released.  

  o  4 lines of text are lost when printing long ( >1 page ) text 

  o  A long recipient address in the OUTBOX causes a General 
     Protection Fault (GPF) in FCLIST.DLL

     hangs after installing ECO2.

  o  TeamLinks may cause memory leaks in MailWorks for VMS.

  o  Microsoft Word7 integration "Insert/File" does not perform 
     format conversion if a WPS-PLUS document from the File
     cabinet inserted into an opened Microsoft Word document.

  o  Viewer zoom +- buttons were broken in TeamLinks V2.7 EFT3.

  o  An RTF->ASCII conversion sometimes produces unintelligible 

  o  A Microsoft Excel file may hang in an infinite loop during 
     printing and prints an infinite number of pages

  o  Due to a MIME encode problem, the equals sign changes
     into spaces

  o  An attempt to send TeamLinks Mail from within Microsoft Word7 
     integration hangs Microsoft Word with a "Word Basic Error 100".

  o  CFCLOCAL limits keywords to a length of 50.

  o  Mastersoft is now called "Inso Corp."

  o  An off-line message cannot be tagged as READ by receiver.

  o  Microsoft Word7 integration does not recognize word
     installed converters.

Problems addressed in the TLWE0227 kit:

  o  UUDECODE doesn't work after sending a UUENCODE document.

  o  The Save command is grayed out after making changes to the
     Distribution List.

  o  General Protection Fault in module CONVERT.DLL.

  o  Data stays selected after Spell Check.

  o  MIME decode of Microsoft Exchange addresses loses information.

  o  Problem with Sender and SentBy fields in message received from the
     POP3 server.

  o  Incorrect information displayed in dialog boxes when moving or
     copying folders and drawers.
  o  Choosing the Convert command displays a "file not found" message
     and TeamLinks quits when CTL3D.dll is not installed.

  o  TeamLinks New Mail Notification custom sound feature does not work
     with Microsoft Windows 95.

  o  MimeRcv: Problem with Microsoft Exchange client mail that contains

  o  MailWorks for UNIX supports proper BCC splitting. 

  o  The down arrow key in FCLIST becomes disabled after fetching
     documents from server. 

  o  User must always change current Window settings to view full width
     of text in the Create Message window.

  o  Text wrapping problem when using the "Include Message Text in
     Reply" checkbox.

  o  Position cursor at top of included text, not at bottom.

  o  Allow system administrator to disable the MIME and UUENCODEing

  o  Break the tie between Create Message Style and Reply Style.

Problems addressed in the TLWE0127 kit:

  o  Document title in Microsoft Word 7.0 changes when Print Preview is

  o  Microsoft Word File Save All generates multiple "Save New TeamLinks
     Object" dialog boxes.

  o  Mass-11 /d character not displayed in viewer.

  o  Crash occurs after Filecab.dll loads documents into a list box that
     requires both a horizontal and vertical scroll bar.

  o  No viewer available for certain mail messages.

  o  WordBasic 535 error message when using Send TeamLinks Mail from
     Microsoft Word V6.0 or V7.0 integrations 

  o  Unable to save documents into an existing folder in a shared drawer
     via TeamLinks from Microsoft Word or WordPerfect.

  o  TeamLinks Spell Check Skip-All produces an unintelligible message
     when spellchecking '* ... *'.

  o  Microsoft Word V6/V7 Mail Merge document data source not saved.

  o  A shared client install does not install the files HYPERTOP.DLL and
     CNT31.DLL in the Windows\System area.

  o  When doing a local installation of TeamLinks from a shared network
     installation, specifying additional files to copy in the
     defaults.ini file does not work properly.

  o  TeamLinks Spell Check removes data in TO:, CC: and SUBJECT fields.

  o  General Protection Fault after setting the SendBuf keyword to 1024
     in office.ini.

  o  Change wording for hard-hyphen error message.
  o  A button for the Create Message window remains in the taskbar even
     though the window appears to be gone.

  o  TeamLinks Remote setup does not display the full list of modems.

  o  TeamLinks Spell Check: "Do you want to send now?" message is
     confusing if user in working in off-line mode.

  o  Message format changes when message is sent.

  o  Mime decode incorrectly displays the time of the mail message on
     Windows NT when the message comes from another time zone.

  o  Microsoft Word 97 support needs to Auto-detect and update the
     format tag as necessary on ODMA file save.

  o  Documents opened using Microsoft Word 97 with ODMA are not
     unreserved when the application is closed.

  o  Provide a way to make Microsoft Word 97 automatically open a
     document for read-only access if it is reserved by another user.

  o  Opening a file for read-only twice does not work in ODMA.

  o  Quoted addresses do not work properly in Simple MAPI.

  o  The Simple MAPI code would not center the Connect dialog properly.

  o  TeamLinks Spell Check: Message with no text gives strange error
     message .

  o  Fix Internet Mail Personal Address Book and Distribution List

  o  Specific customer requests for the Simple MAPI DLL have been added.

  o  Add preference (with no UI) to position cursor before included
     reply text.

  o  VMS mail decodes with wrong date and time.

  o  Optimize text strings to facilitate translation.

  o  Scrolling while the hour glass is displayed can change the index.

Please refer to the Cover Letter included with this ECO kit for more 
details and additional Release Notes.


Installation Overview
   The ECO Kit consists of two files - this cover letter 
   (TLWE0327.CVR) and a self-extracting archive file (TLWE0327.EXE). 
   The self-extracting file expands into three files, DISK1.EXE, 
   DISK2.EXE and DISK3.EXE that are also self-extracting, and another 
   copy of this cover letter file.  After expansion, you install the 
   ECO by running the SETUP.EXE file. 

   Note that the multiple DISK files serve to break the kit up into 
   diskette-sized components so you can distribute the ECO to 
   individual users on diskettes.  After expansion, simply copy the 
   contents of each DISK directory to a similarly labeled diskette.

Installation Procedure
1. Extract the contents of TLWE0327.EXE into a temporary directory by 
   performing the following tasks.  If this ECO Kit has already been 
   extracted into a shared area, or to diskettes, go to step 2. 

   a. Exit to MS-DOS, if applicable, or just launch an MS-DOS window.

   b. Create a temporary directory (for example,  C:\TLPATCH).

      C:> MD TLPATCH

   c. Set your current directory to the temporary directory.

      C:> CD TLPATCH

   d. Copy the self-extracting file TLWE0327.EXE to the temporary 

   e. Execute the self-extracting file. Be sure to include the file 
      extension in the command.

      C:\TLPATCH> TLWE0327.EXE

      The following files are created in the temporary directory:


   f. Execute the first self-extracting DISK file.  The /D qualifier 
      is required for the creation of subdirectories.

      C:\TLPATCH> DISK1 /D

   g. Execute the second self-extracting DISK file using the /D 
      qualifier to create subdirectories.
      C:\TLPATCH> DISK2 /D

   h. Execute the third self-extracting DISK file using the /D
      qualifier to create subdirectories.

      C:\TLPATCH> DISK3 /D

      The ECO installation kit has been created in the subdirectories 
      \DISK1 and \DISK2 and \DISK3 in your temporary directory.

   i. Return to your Windows operating system to install the ECO.

2. Complete the ECO installation by executing the command sequence below 
   that is appropriate for your operating system:

   a.) for Windows, Windows for Workgroups, and Windows NT V3.X
   b.) for Windows 95 and Windows NT V4.0

   Setup will determine if TeamLinks is installed as a Network Shared 
   Copy or as a Local Copy and will patch the necessary files 

   NOTE: In the case of a Network Shared Copy, once the network files 
   have been updated with this ECO, re-install TeamLinks on each client 
   PC by running the normal SETUP.EXE file located in the SETUP 
   directory of the Network Shared Copy. 

   a.) From Windows, Windows for Workgroups or Windows NT 3.X

      i.   Prior to running the patch installation, shut down ALL 
           applications that may be running, except of course, for the 
           Program Manager.
      ii.  Select the Run command from the File pulldown menu.

      iii. Enter the full path of the SETUP.EXE program located in the 
           temporary directory you created in step 1.

           Command Line:  C:\TLPATCH\DISK1\SETUP.EXE

      iv.  Follow the prompts on the screen to complete the 

   b.) From Windows 95 or Windows NT V4.0

      i.   Prior to running the patch installation, shut down ALL 
           applications that may be running.
      ii.  Select the Run command from the Start menu.

      iii. Enter the full path of the SETUP.EXE program located in the 
           temporary directory you created in step 1 then click OK.

           Open:  C:\TLPATCH\DISK1\SETUP.EXE
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