Results based on a survey that asked consumers which products have improved their lives most.
SOURCE: Predatory Marketing: What Everyone in Business Needs to Know to Win Today's Consumer, by C. Britt Beemer (William Morrow, 1997)
Microwave oven 77.3
Universal remote control (TV/VCR) 66.6
Garage-door opener 64.6
Home telephone answering machine 61.7
Ear thermometer 59.5
Breath analyzer 59.2
Programmable home thermostat 58.3
Call-waiting telephone service 56.4
Automatic payroll/government check deposit 55.1
Supermarket price scanner 55.0
In 1945, Raytheon Manufacturing began experimenting with an offshoot of World War II, the Magnetron. While standing by the working contraption - which created short radio waves - Percy Spencer noted that a candy bar in his pocket melted. Soon after, Spencer began to contemplate the domestic uses of the machine. Ten years later, the "radar range" became available. Source: World of Invention, by Gale Research