<%if servid EQ 4%>WWW Administrator<%elif servid EQ 1%>FTP Administrator<%elif servid EQ 2%>Gopher Administrator<%endif%> - Directory Edit
Administration on <%servname%>://<%hostname%>

<%onerror error%> <%!PosVirtDir urlparam%>

Directory : <%msgbody.rootdir%><%else%><%rootdir%><%endif%>" size=46>
CHECKED<%endif%>> Home Directory

Virtual Directory
CHECKED<%endif%>> Virtual Directory
Alias :

Account Information
This box is valid only if the Directory specified at the top of this dialog page is a Universal Naming Convention (UNC) server and share name (e.g., \\Webserver\Htmlfiles). Enter the username and password that has permission to use the network directory. Virtual directories on network drives must be on computers in the same Windows NT domain as the Internet Information Server.

Important: If you specify a username and password to connect to a network drive, all Internet Information Server access to that directory will use that username and password. You should use care when using UNC connections to network drives to prevent possible security breaches.

Username :
Password :

<%if servid EQ 4%> <%if cap1flag BA 4%>
Virtual Server
If an IP address is specified, then Virtual Server is enabled.
Virtual Server IP Address :

<%else%> <%endif%> <%else%> <%endif%> <%if servid NE 2%>
<%if servid EQ 1%>
CHECKED<%endif%>> Read
CHECKED<%endif%>> Write <%elif servid EQ 4%>
CHECKED<%endif%>> Read
CHECKED<%endif%>> Execute <%if w3cryptcapable NE 0%>
CHECKED<%endif%>> Require secure SSL channel
CHECKED<%endif%>> Enable Client Certificates
CHECKED<%endif%>> Require Client Certificates <%endif%> <%endif%>

<%if 1 EQ 1%> <%endif%>
<%goto end%> <%label error%> This directory no longer exists.

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