Windows NT 3.51 Workstation and Server
U.S. Service Pack 5


1.0 Introduction
2.0 Installation Instructions for the Windows NT 3.51 U.S. Service Pack 5
2.1 User Notes
2.2 List of Bugs Fixed in Windows NT 3.51 U.S. Service Pack 5


1.0 Introduction

This release of Microsoft(R) Windows NT(TM) 3.51 U.S. Service Pack 5 is
easy to apply from within Windows NT and changes only those files that
were originally set up on the Windows NT Workstation or Windows NT Server
system. Service Pack releases are cumulative: they contain all previous
fixes, as well as any new fixes made to the system.


2.0 Installation Instructions for the Windows NT U.S. Service Pack

Installing the Service Pack from a floppy disk:

1. Insert Service Pack Disk 1 into the floppy drive.
2. At the Windows NT Command Prompt, change to that floppy drive (that is,
A: or B:) and type UPDATE.
3. Follow the instructions given on the screen.

Installing the Service Pack from a CD-ROM:

1. Insert the Service Pack CD-ROM disk into the CD-ROM drive.
2. At the Windows NT Command Prompt, change to that CD-ROM drive, then
change to the i386, MIPS, ALPHA, or PPC directory (depending upon
whether you have an Intel(TM), MIPS(R), ALPHA AXP(TM) or PowerPC(R)
CPU), and type UPDATE.
3. Follow the instructions given on the screen.

Installing the Service Pack from a network drive:

1. At the Windows NT Command Prompt, type the command to connect to the
network drive on which the Service Pack files reside.
2. Change to that network drive and type UPDATE.
3. Follow the instructions given on the screen.


2.1 User Notes

*** New ROUTE.EXE Command Line Argument

A new command line argument for ROUTE.EXE has been added in Service Pack 5.
The new parameter is METRIC, and is described below:

ROUTE [-f] [command [destination] [MASK netmask] [gateway] [METRIC metric]]

The metric option is used to associate a cost/hop count for the
destination specified by the route entry. Generally this specifies the
distance in number of hops from the destination. If not specified, the
metric is set to 1 by default.

*** Emergency Repair Disk

If it is necessary to use the Windows NT Emergency Repair Disk to repair
your Windows NT system at some time after you apply the Service Pack, you
will need to re-apply the Service Pack after the repair is completed. This
is because the Emergency Repair Disk repairs your system by restoring your
original Windows NT setup. After the repair has completed, simply follow
the above Installation Instructions to reapply the Service Pack.

When using the Windows NT Emergency Repair Disk to repair your Windows NT
system after applying the Service Pack, do not repair the file SAMSRV.DLL.
If it is necessary to repair this file because it has become corrupt, you
must replace it with the Service Pack version of the file.

This is necessary because the Service Pack update process changes the user
database, and the Service Pack version of SAMSRV.DLL is needed to allow
the system to function properly.

*** Adding New Components to the System

If new software or hardware components are changed or added to your system
after you have applied the Service Pack, it will be necessary to reapply
the Service Pack. This is because the files taken from the original
Windows NT disk set may not be equivalent to the files on the Service Pack
disk set. It is not possible to install new components directly from the
Service Pack media (such as a new keyboard or printer driver). New
components must be installed from the original product media.

*** Installing Symbol Files from the CD-ROM

To install the symbol files corresponding to the new binaries in Service
Pack 5, do the following (assuming your CD-ROM drive is D:, your symbol
files are located in the C:\WINNT\SYMBOLS directory, and you are installing
the files for an x86 machine):


This will copy the Service Pack 5 .DBG files over the existing versions of
these files. The XCOPY command shown will copy only those .DBG files that
are already installed (/U switch), and only those with a more recent time-
date stamp (/D switch).

*** Verifying the Proper Firmware for Powerized Systems

To install Service Pack 5 on your Powerized system, you should first verify
your Firmware is up-to-date. Your Firmware should have a date of Oct. 5,
1995, or later. This information is displayed during the system's boot.
Optionally, you may use the fw-title command to verify this. If you have
an earlier Firmware date, contact your hardware manufacturer to get the
latest release of the Firmware.

*** New APIs Available with Service Pack 5

Service Pack 5 contains 3 additions to the Win32 API:

A fiber is a lightweight thread that is manually scheduled. Fibers do not
provide advantages over a well-designed multithreaded application.
However, fibers can make it easier to port applications that were designed
to schedule their own threads.

Specific fiber APIs include:


Winsock Enhancement
Two new APIs, AcceptEx() and GetAcceptExSockaddrs(), have been added to the
Windows Sockets family. AcceptEx() provides a way to asynchronously accept
a connection, obtain the local and remote addresses for the connection, and
receive the first block of data, all within a single call.

Directory Monitoring
One new API, ReadDirectoryChangesW(), has been added to enhance an
application's ability to monitor directories. It allows an application to
receive notification whenever a change occurs in a directory. These
changes include file modifications, renames, and deletions. Unlike
FindFirstChangeNotification(), this API will return the full name of the
affected file.

For complete details on these APIs, including headers, libraries and sample
code, see the Win32 SDK Addendum for Service Pack 5, available in the "For
Developers Only" section of the Microsoft Web site at


2.2 List of Bugs Fixed in Windows NT 3.51 U.S. Service Pack 5

NOTE: Use the Qxxxxxx number that precedes the title of the bug fix to
query the Microsoft Knowledge Base to find an article about that bug.

Service Pack 1

Q128453: Windows NT 3.51 Hangs (Memory Access Violation) Running Exchange

Q128454: Windows NT 3.51 Hangs with Office 95 (Word) Help File Wizard

Q130093: Err Msg: Incorrect Response from the Network

Q130292: Windows NT Win16 Subsystem Crashes Printing from Quicken 4.0

Q130677: TCP/IP Generates Frames with Loopback Address as Source Address

Q131343: "Invalid Page Fault" Running Office 95 Help Wizard

Q131427: Windows NT 3.51 TCP/IP System Network Interface Hang

Q131683: Help File Opens Very Slowly with Office 95 Applications

Q131779: Help Fails for VB Modules in Excel

Q131865: SMC Elite Ultra NIC Causes UNIX Computers to Disconnect TCP/IP

Q132198: Middle Mouse Button Does Not Work Under Windows NT 3.51

Q132466: Problems Printing From DCA IRMA Workstation for NT 1.1

Q132470: STOP Msg: 0x0000000A or 0x0000001E When Using PING

Q132858: PowerStack with Cirrus Video Adapter Hangs During Startup


Service Pack 2

Q112665: UPDATE.EXE Starts Setup Help If Space Exists in Directory Path

Q128567: Landscape Orientation Reversed With Postscript Driver

Q129670: GSNW Not Releasing Session to NetWare Server

Q129724: Macintosh Client Has Slow Access to Windows NT 3.5x SFM Volume

Q130226: Banner Always Printed When Using GSNW Print Gateway

Q130783: STOP Msg: 0x0000003F NO_MORE_SYSTEMS_PTES Repetitive I/O on MIPS

Q130932: Desktop Remains Active At Logoff

Q130979: User Environment Variables Set Before Default Home Directory

Q131073: Datagram Sends Fail if Route is Not in IPX Cache

Q131241: FTPSVC Orphans Connections, Uses Up Virtual Memory

Q131428: DHCPADMN Reports Error 14 After You Select Local Machine

Q131689: Postscript Jobs Do Not Print Correctly Over SFM and AppleTalk

Q132085: Applications Hang When Opening Files when CSNW is Installed

Q132394: Streaming Mode NPMCA.SYS NIC Sleeps on Transmit.

Q132511: Windows NT 3.51 Hangs on Shutdown With Some S3 Based Video Cards

Q132722: Server Instability After Reboot Caused by NDIS Driver Problem

Q132896: FTP Client Scripts Terminate Without Completing

Q132903: Err Msg Using NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NETBT.SYS): STOP 0x0000000A

Q133112: NetWkstaSetUid2 API Returns Access Denied

Q133128: Printing From Windows NT 3.51 to an HP4 at 600 DPI is Slow

Q133252: Windows NT 3.51 GSNW Help Reports The File Is Corrupted

Q133280: FTPSVC: Delay Receiving FTP Directory Annotation and Prompt

Q133303: WINFILE.EXE Application Error When Associating a Searched File

Q133306: Maximum Disk Space of 1.99 GB Displayed for NetWare Volume

Q133384: Event ID 2019: Nonpaged Memory Pool Empty

Q133410: The Breakpoint "{,<filename>,} .<line>" Cannot Be Set

Q133488: LPR Printing Fails After Setting Up Security

Q133701: Forward Slash May Be Ignored As A Path Delimiter In 3.51

Q133757: Performance Monitor SQLServer-Log Object Corrupted

Q134250: No Compaq Netflex Drivers in Windows NT 3.51 for RISC Platforms

Q134285: STOP Msg: 0x0000007B or "0x4,0,0,0 Error" in WinNT 3.51 Setup

Q134286: Windows NT 3.51 LsarLookupSids errors from Big Endian Servers

Q134386: Computers Using QVision Display Driver Lock Up

Q134427: Dr. Watson Access Violation Occurs Sending Mail Attachments

Q134701: Uninitialized Pointers in DHCPSSVC.DLL Cause Access Violation

Q134765: Unknown Software Exception When Application Calls OpenGL

Q134959: Cannot copy Icons From a Common Group to a Personal Group

Q134968: NetWare Connections Remain Connected After You Log

Q134969: Faxing from 16-bit Program Using Separate Memory Space Fails

Q134985: Browsing & Other Traffic Incur High Costs over ISDN Routers

Q134988: Access Violation in glsbCreateAndDuplicateSection API on PowerPC

Q135065: Windows NT 3.51 Hangs on Shutdown

Q135275: Windows NT Backup : Incorrect Date in "Tape Name" Text

Q135277: WINS Records of Multi-homed Computers Do Not Replicate

Q135291: Print Manager: Owner Appears as System Printing from Macintosh

Q135308: Disk Administrator Corrupts Partitions

Q135471: Cannot Reconnect to OS/2 Name Space Resources on NetWare Server

Q135548: PIF Editor Reserve Shortcut Keys Settings May Be Ineffective

Q135553: IOCTL_NDIS_QUERY_ALL_STATS Causes STOP Msg in Windows NT 3.51

Q135621: NetWare Transaction Tracking System (TTS) Not Detected

Q135667: STOP 1E When Using File Manager and Services for Macintosh (SFM)

Q135692: "List Name From" List Box Shows Only 20 Trusted Domains

Q135724: Deleted Disk Space Not Released on Converted NTFS Volume

Q135774: Performance Monitor Counters Produce Unlikely Results

Q135777: Unable to Connect Using Cabletron EISA F70XX FDDI NIC

Q135856: RIP Table Does Not Update When New RIPX Response Is Received

Q136023: Batch Files Stop Executing with Windows NT version 3.51

Q136024: Tape Hardware Data Compression Disabled After Running NTBackup

Q136334: Access Violation in LSASS.EXE During User Password Change

Q136336: Windows NT Fails Because of an Access Violation in WINLOGON

Q136375: NTFS directory corruption with more than 100,000 files

Q136402: IniFileMapping for 16-Bit Windows Apps Fail in Windows NT 3.51

Q136472: NE3200 NIC Driver Can Lose Locally Administered Address

Q136627: Layered Drivers Never See WINSOCK IRPs for the TCP/IP Device

Q136780: WinFax Pro Software Causes 16-bit Applications To Hang

Q136782: Unable To Connect To AT&T Advanced Server For UNIX Printer Share


Service Pack 3

Q126688: Stack Overflow with Windows NT 3.51 RAS

Q126689: STOP Msg: c000021a Logging on a Second Time to WinNT 3.51 w/ SP2

Q126967: New TCP/IP Registry Parameter Ignores Push Bit on Receives

Q139281: STOP Msg: 0x0000004E or 0x0000000A Under Heavy Computer Usage

Q139535: Some TrueType Fonts Do Not Produce Glyphs on Windows NT 3.51

Q139635: RAS Authentication of Third Party PPP SPAP Clients Fail

Q139714: RAS Stop 0x000000a 6194ea98 00000002 00000001 80115534


Service Pack 4

Q134959: Cannot copy Icons From a Common Group to a Personal Group

Q137857: Errorlevel Paradigm Behaves Differently in Windows NT 3.51

Q137968: Perfmon and Network Monitor Counters Show Incorrect Values

Q138415: Windows NT Fails to Check for Low Disk Space (No Admin Alerts)

Q138700: ARP -s Fails After Applying SP2 to Windows NT 3.51

Q138737: Directory Synchronization May Fail with Windows NT 3.51 Mail

Q138794: Out of Memory Error Installing Windows NT 3.51 Service Pack 2

Q138854: Connecting Using NBT.SYS Causes Windows NT Session to Hang

Q138987: Novell Clients are Denied Access Logging on to FPNW Servers

Q138995: Updating to WinNT 3.51 SP2 Causes Loss of Persistent IP Routes

Q139015: Trap 0xA in ExFreePool of NTOSKRNL.EXE

Q139057: NET STOP WINS Fails to Stop WINS Service

Q139058: Battery Shutdown Signal Delayed Using Windows NT UPS Service

Q139065: Services For Macintosh on Windows NT 3.51 Service Pack 2 Hangs

Q139171: Compaq System Hangs with Incomplete IRP in Cpqarray

Q139207: S3 Driver Doesn't Correctly Support 72Hz on Some IBM PS/2 Models

Q139208: Instability in RAS using TAPI X25 Ndiswan Driver

Q139274: Updated System Environment Variables Result in STOP 0x0000021a

Q139338: WINS Counters Disappear from Performance Monitor

Q139350: WinNT General Protection Fault Exiting 16-bit Access Version 2.0

Q139351: STOP Msg: c000021a - Using Mandatory Profile w/o Access Rights

Q139380: Multi-homed WINS Server Replication Partner Failures

Q139415: New TCP/IP ArpCacheLife Parameter in Windows NT 3.51

Q139494: Multiple CRC Errors and Hardware Overruns Using RAS

Q139619: Printing From a Service To A Network Printer Fails

Q139649: Windows NT Service Can't Connect to Network Printer on 3.51

Q139691: International Characters in User Names Not Handled Properly

Q139929: SNMP Queries Of Very Long OID's May Cause SNMP Service To Hang

Q139956: RPC from a Big Endian Computer Causes GP Fault

Q139985: WINS Client Fails to Reach a Multi-homed Server

Q140008: Seed Routing Network Range Options Grayed Out with DEC FDDI

Q140258: Incomplete Server List in File Manager's Connection Dialog Box

Q140329: Trust Relationships Fail with Large Number of Trusted Domains

Q140364: Registry Size Limit Change Results in Pagedpoolsize Change

Q140400: GSNW/CSNW Creates 8.3-Format Directory Names in Uppercase Only

Q140408: Access Denied Attempting to Rename File Across the Network

Q140463: SNMP Agent Hangs on Very Long Queries

Q140506: Print Jobs Sent to SFM Printer Hang in Spooler After Printing

Q140603: SNMP Trap Frames Appear to be Dropped

Q140639: Daylight Savings Time Not Advancing

Q140675: Windows NT Doesn't Show All Files on OS/2 Server

Q140685: MAC Clients Get Access Denied on Newly Created Folders

Q140783: Access Violation on RAS Client Dialing Into Windows 95

Q140784: Call to NetUserGetLocalGroups results in NERR_UserNotFound

Q140818: STOP Message: After "DIR ..\" is Issued from a Samba Client

Q140973: Inaccessible Floppy Disk Drive on Toshiba Portege 610CT

Q140978: WINS Does Not Replicate <1c> Names Properly

Q141019: SNMP Debug Messages Are Written to Eventlog

Q141156: STOP Msg: 0x0000000A in SFMATALK.SYS After Receiving ATP Packet

Q141344: Network Connections Refused Over NetBT

Q141371: STOP Msg: STOP 0x0000000A from DLC.SYS

Q141467: Macintosh RPC Client Fails Across AppleTalk Zone

Q141520: Generic Text Driver Prints Control Characters and Blank Lines

Q141732: Adaptec AHA154x Driver Fails to Install Second Adapter

Q141753: Memory Violation Running Attachmate Extra! for Windows in WOW

Q142060: BackupExec 6.0 Not Backing Up WFW in Windows NT 3.51 SP3

Q142204: CSNW Drive Mappings Incorrect

Q142371: Perfmon Counter DISK QUEUE LENGTH Gives Incorrect Report

Q142695: SP3 Localized SERVER.HLP (On-line Books) Causes Dr. Watson Error

Q142696: WinNT 3.51 SP3 GARAM4.TTF Font Not Displayed Properly

Q142697: Unlocked Workstation Not Returned to Full Screen Application

Q142698: Service Pack Overwrites Localized Version of Windows NT

Q142699: WinNT 3.51 w/ CPU Maxed Prints Very Slowly to Banding Printers

Q142700: WinNT 3.51 SP2 SFM Share Can Only be Created on NTFS

Q142701: SAM Does Not Replicate Members of the Administrators Alias

Q142704: Windows NT Mail Client Does Not Handle Long Filenames Correctly

Q142708: WinNT 3.51 SP2 w/ UK Keyboard Gives Wrong Accented Characters

Q142709: Big Files Copy Slowly from Mac to SFM Over AppleTalk Router

Q142710: Lock Violation Opening NetWare Server File w/ Shareable Bit Set

Q142711: Windows NT Hangs on Alpha with > 1 GB System Memory

Q142714: RAS Does Not Hang Up Immediately If Usernames Are Different

Q142866: Alpha Computer w/ Proteon P139x-Plus Revision J NIC Doesn't Work


Service Pack 5

Q126967: New TCP/IP Registry Parameter Ignores Push Bit on Receives

Q129129: Windows NT SNMP Agent Allows Only Read Access

Q130876: Printing Through HPMON(DLC) May Cause Print Subsystem to Hang

Q135609: WINS Fails on RAS Server with Multiport Adapter Installed

Q135692: "List Name From" List Box Shows Only 20 Trusted Domains

Q135700: Modifications to NETBT.SYS to Support Layered Drivers

Q137155: Users Without System32 Permissions Cannot Logon

Q137522: FPNW Keeps Directory Handles Open, Preventing Deletion

Q138222: DHCP Server Delays Release of Client-Rejected IP Addresses

Q138244: Printing Fails with "RPC Procedure Call Failed"

Q138257: Inconsistent Print Results Using HP LaserJet 5L

Q138713: Err Msg: Driver Entry Point Not Found After Service Pack Upgrade

Q138792: TCARC.SYS Causes Trap 0xA or Hangs Windows NT

Q140641: Updated Samsrv.dll Supports AppleTalk and Banyan Vines Clients

Q140891: Remote Shutdown May Fail

Q141118: No FPNW "Netware Compatible Password Expired" Check Box

Q142608: Windows for Workgroups fails to print to Apple IIG through NTS.

Q142610: Err Msg: OS Loader V3.51 TRAP 0000000E PAGE FAULT

Q142611: WOW: GP Fault in DDEML.DLL Using Visual Basic Application

Q142612: TrueImage errors 4041 when printing from a Macintosh

Q142613: System Control Application Shows Insufficient Memory Dialog Box

Q142615: Event Log Service Fails to Check Access to Security Log File

Q142617: Server Rejects TreeConnectAndX and DirectorySearch SMB

Q142620: Access Violation in Nwsvc.exe

Q142621: OS/2 Application Does Not Return DOSREADQUEUE Properly

Q142622: Repeated Automatic Logons in Windows NT May Fail

Q142623: Encryption Keys of 768 & 1024 Bits Unavailable in Int’l WinNT

Q142624: Err Msg: "Unable to connect to target machine"

Q142625: NETBIOS Defaults To 16 Sessions on Windows NT

Q142626: LogonUser API Now Has Support for Network Logons

Q142627: NTDETECT.COM Incorrectly Detects Some S3 Video Controllers

Q142628: Stop 0x23 Errors in FASTFAT.SYS

Q142630: NTFS with Full Logfile Condition May Cause Trap

Q142631: Internet Information Server Directory Access Issue Resolved

Q142645: FPNW Stops w/ Win3.x Client Directory Search: "********.***"

Q142646: Upgrading To SP4 Can Overwrite Newer Versions of OLEAUT32.DLL

Q142647: Callback Field for RAS May Not Be Viewable From Rasadmin.exe

Q142648: STOP 0x00000024 in NTFS.SYS

Q142649: STOP 0x0000000A on ALR Revolution

Q142650: Netlogon Stops when Mailslot Message Is Larger than Specified

Q142651: Third-Party Cursor Hangs Cirrus Driver

Q142680: Modification to Support Direct Host IPX Acceleration Drivers

Q142874: Services for Macintosh Reports Incorrect Free Volume Space

Q142880: NetBT Fails to Bind to a Large Number of IP Addresses

Q143143: Error Printing From Macintosh to LPT Port of Windows NT Server

Q143329: Serial Mouse Does Not Work on a DEC Alpha Computer

Q145623: Access Violation in LSASS.EXE On Primary Domain Controller

Q145796: Print Manager Displays Macintosh EPS Document As File Name

Q146114: Heavy Load of FTP Service Results in Access Violation

Q146880: Logon/Logoff Events Logged Out of Order in Security Log

Q146905: Remote Pipe DosWaitNmPipe to OS/2 Subsystem Gives Error 123

Q147204: Stop 0x0000000A in NDIS.SYS on a Multi-Processor Computer

Q147246: Using Direct Hosting over IPX Causes STOP 0x0000000A

Q147349: No Sound On Some PCMCIA Modems in Windows NT 3.51

Q147372: Problem Using Full Tape Backup Requiring More than One Tape

Q147458: End of Media Crossing During Windows NT Tape Backup

Q147601: Problem Switching From Office 95 to 16-bit Application Window

Q147642: NetWare Files Overwritten When Updating To Windows NT 3.51 SP4

Q147661: MSMail32 Message With Hyphens Results In Access Violation

Q147695: MEMBER OF in FPNW Login Script Returns Incorrect Results

Q147697: Turning Off Auditing of Security Policy Changes Not Audited

Q148174: NWCONV.EXE Does Not Give Correct Permissions

Q148188: Internet Information Server Security .CMD /.BAT Patch

Q148353: Access Denied Using CHGPASS with DSMN

Q148485: Service Pack 4 Causes Some Installation Programs To Fail

Q148487: MS-DOS "For" Command Fails when Run Against an FPNW Server

Q148501: Preventing PCI Resource Conflicts On Intel-Based Computers

Q148646: Stop 0x0000000A When Referencing Empty Sent Queue

Q148845: Access Violation in RASMAN.EXE Under Windows NT 3.51

Q148846: RAS Port Instance Names in Performance Monitor Are Corrupted

Q148929: Security Event ID 642 Logged Incorrectly for Audits

Q148939: DHCP Server Creates Unnecessary Lease

Q148957: NTBACKUP Fails With Application Error During Verify Process

Q149112: Some Image Maps Do Not Work with IIS

Q149167: Unable to Allocate Resources from the NDIS Wrapper

Q149214: Windows NT Server Stops Responding To Macintosh Clients

Q149293: File Manager Can Not View Permissions After NWCONV.EXE Is

Q149344: NWCONV.EXE Does Not Correctly Apply Permissions

Q149393: CrashOnAuditFail Activates on Shutdown with ProcessTracking

Q149394: CTRL+BREAK Does Not Work for 16-Bit Applications

Q149395: Stop Msg: 0x0000001E in RDR.SYS Caused by Corrupted SMBs

Q149468: CSNW Clients May Cause Clipper Index Corruption

Q149525: Poor Performance May Occur During FTP File Transfers

Q149528: FTP Client Uses Only One IP Address on Multihomed Workstations

Q149532: Windows NT Clients Run Out of Ports

Q149534: Windows NT Socket Apps Run Out of Ports

Q149559: FPNW LOGIN.EXE Doesn't Handle Password Expiration

Q149643: Printing to NetWare Deallocates Directory Handle

Q149722: Windows NT Registry Has a Limit of 300 Interfaces

Q149819: RPC Causes Exchange Server to Hang All Connected Clients

Q149857: MoveFileEx API Does Not Work After Applying SP4

Q149891: Programmatic System Shutdown Fails

Q149949: Some Browsers May Fail to Connect When IIS Uses SSL

Q149955: Random Users Do Not Appear in SYSCON Viewed w/ FPNW Server

Q150008: DOS Applications Receive Wrong Error Code in FPNW

Q150009: WinNT System Shutdown/Power Off Causes Boot-Sector Corruption

Q150047: NetWare Drives Inaccessible to CIM and MMTA

Q150048: Syscon Changes Maximum Password Age on FPNW Server

Q150059: Cannot Perform a NET VIEW Across RAS to Windows 95 Client

Q150060: Cannot Delete Directory Structure on FPNW Volume

Q150097: cc:Mail Clients Lock Up Through FPNW

Q150124: Cannot Access CD-ROM After Installing SP4

Q150140: STOP Msg: 0xC000021a as Application Terminates

Q150152: Printing from Mac to HP 3x with 52.2 HP Postscript Cartridge

Q150158: NTFS: Directory Changes Reported to LMREPL Erroneously

Q150172: FPNW Will Not Create File Larger Than 2.14GB

Q150275: Redirector Doesn't Close the Session After User Logs Off

Q150302: Overlapped I/O to Tape Results In Data Corruption

Q150305: DEC FDDI Adapters Fail to Respond to Broadcasts

Q150337: Simultaneous Dr. Watsons Stop Windows NT

Q150350: NetLogon Maximum Value of Pulse Should Exceed 3600

Q150355: Windows NT Nonresponsive During NTFS Directory Traversal

Q150410: Having 300+ Print Queues Causes Access Violation in Localmon

Q150508: Netscape Clients Hang While Posting Data to SSL Forms on IIS

Q150559: New Windows NT TCP/IP Registry Parameter: ArpTRSingleRoute

Q150729: Err Msg: "Access Denied" When Using Account Operator

Q150736: Stopping SNA Server Service Leads to Perpetual Stopping State

Q150823: Trap 0xA When Token Ring Source Routing Data Exceeds 18 Bytes

Q150831: Stop 0x0000000A in NBF.SYS When Running Under Stress

Q150833: Memory Deallocation Failure in SRV.SYS Directory Notification

Q150838: NWLNKSPX May Reset Connection With Out-Of-Sequence Packet

Q150847: File Manager Truncates Long File Names Containing Spaces

Q150904: DDE Link Stops Updating After Closing Another Link

Q150918: FPNW Event ID 2630 Unable to Access PDC for Write

Q150938: Printer Resident Fonts not Available w/ "Print Text as Graphics"

Q150996: Session Canceled Error Using IBM 16/4 Adapter II

Q151007: IBM ThinkPad Drives Have Problem w/ Read/Write and Media Change

Q151008: Sony 7000 and DEC TZ09 4mm DAT Not Supported Under 3.51

Q151010: IIS IDC: Err Msg: Error Performing Query

Q151183: WWW Clients Using Basic Authentication May Fail with IIS 1.0

Q151216: NTVDM May Leak Memory When Opening/Closing COMM Ports

Q151222: Stop A in FLNK.SYS While Copying From FPNW Server

Q151226: FPNW Grace Logins Are Not Reset When Password Is Changed

Q151235: FPNW Does Not Search Trusted Domains for Object Names

Q151259: New Netlogon Registry Entry for Dialup Routers

Q151306: WINS Partner Registry Settings May be Deleted

Q151432: Invalid File Handle with SP4 Nwrdr.sys

Q151448: Trap 0x50 and Trap 0xA Under Heavy Stress

Q151453: Netscape 2.01 Clients Hang While Getting SSL Pages w/ Graphics

Q151471: Processes Do Not Respond When NTFS Encounters an Error

Q151714: WinNT RPC Client May Fail Against DCE Server

Q151824: FoxPro Query May Return Inaccurate Results With FPNW

Q151962: System Appears to Stop When Adding Users to Large Global Groups

Q151977: FPNW Not Responding Correctly to Record Locking and Logging

Q151989: Novell 32-bit Client for Win95/WinNT Doesn't See FPNW Volume

Q151991: FPNW Writes Incorrect Last Modified Date on Files from OS/2

Q151997: DECMON Can Cause Spoolss to Generate an Access Violation

Q152051: IBM Gothic Box Font Appears Garbled

Q152121: Windows NT Logon to NetWare Is Slow & Causes Event 8007 Errors

Q152156: Access Violation in Client Process During Authenticated RPC

Q152270: CreateProcessAsUser() Fails After Applying Service Pack 3

Q152271: EnumServicesStatus() Results in Services.exe Memory Leak

Q152272: GetSecurityDescriptorGroup() Returns Incorrect Primary Group

Q152273: DHCP Server May Give Out Duplicate IP Addresses

Q152304: Random Blue Screens Caused by Bad Packet and DLC.SYS

Q152348: Block Writes Across Net May Cause Performance Hit

Q152398: Login.exe Now Sets Primary Server After Successful Login

Q152428: Initialization Failure in Rasman.dll When Shutting Down

Q152448: Mouse Cursor Freezes Intermittently in Windows NT

Q152450: Change Password Dialog Text Changed for NetWare

Q152474: Window Socket Application Failure with Connection Reset Event

Q152547: GP Fault in Windows NT VDM When Using SCROLL_LOCK/UNLOCK Key

Q152589: Netscape 2.01 Clients Hang While Getting SSL Pages w/ Graphics

Q152625: Ibmtok.sys Generates Event Message ID:5002 Error

Q152705: Multihomed WINS Servers Send Name Query Responses

Q152719: WAN and Trust: Traffic On the Wire

Q152837: ControlService() Results in Services.exe Memory Leak

Q152986: CSNW Does Not Report Directory Restrictions

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