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HP Services Software Patches - ultsendmail_e01044_sendmail
Copyright (c) Digital Equipment Corporation 1995.
All rights reserved.

OP/SYS:     DEC ULTRIX RISC and VAX   Versions 4.3, 4.3A, 4.4

COMPONENT:  sendmail

SOURCE:     Digital Equipment Corporation


     ECO Kit Name:                         ULTSENDMAIL_E01044
     ECO Kits Superseded by This ECO Kit:  none
     ECO Kit Approximate Size:             1986560 bytes

     System Reboot Necessary:  No


An ECO kit exists for sendmail on DEC ULTRIX V4.3, V4.3a, IV4.4.
This kit addresses the following problems: 

(VAX V4.3, RISC V4.3, RISC V4.3a, VAX V4.4, RISC V4.4)
     o A potential security vulnerability has been discovered where
       under certain circumstances authorized users may gain unauthorized

     o sendmail was failing when large distribution lists were used. A
       typical error message was "Unbalanced <" when the original
       distribution list was well-formed.

(VAX V4.3, RISC V4.3, RISC V4.3a)
     o When mail is queued due to heavy load average the mail size is not
       checked.  The mail is later sent even if the size exceeds the maximum
       size specified by the M option in /etc/sendmail.cf
(VAX V4.3, RISC V4.3)
     o Excess network traffic is created on the domain master server and the
       root servers.
       This problem occurred because sendmail does a dns lookup of the machine
       name during the smtp HELO for all connection to sendmail.  That means
       that even DECnet connections would cause a dns lookup.  But those
       lookups would always fail, all the way back to the root servers.
       In this patched version of sendmail the lookup is only done if the
       connection is made to sendmail via the IP circuit.

(VAX V4.4)
     o sendmail dies with "bus error (core dumped)" on VAX machines while
       trying to resolve an address that has an MX record.

(VAX V4.3, RISC V4.3)
     o Sendmail does a DNS lookup and returns a pointer beyond the valid
       address which causes bus error and core-dump. With the fix, especially
       for VAX's platform, the unsigned long pointer will not be a negative
       number which allows a DNS lookup getting out of the loop and returns
       the pointer to the hostname correctly.


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