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HP Services Software Patches - dr5base22h
Copyright (c) Digital Equipment Corporation, 1996.  All rights reserved.

PRODUCT:    DECserver 500 for ULTRIX/RISC



SOURCE:     Digital Equipment Corporation


     ECO Kit Name:  DR5ULTE01022H
     ECO Kits Superseded by This Kit:  None
     ECO Kit Approximate Size:  2180 Blocks
                                1116160 Bytes
     Kit Applies To:  DECserver 500 V2.2.0 through V2.2.H
                      ULTRIX V4.0 or higher
     System Reboot Necessary:  No
     Server Reboot:  Yes


An ECO kit exists for DECserver 500 for ULTRIX/RISC on ULTRIX V4.0 or

Problems addressed in the DR5ULTE01022H kit:

  o  When trying to connect to another service on a device (such as
     MUXserver 320), the user gets a "Access denied" in reject message.

  o  Host receives "Queued Entry Deleted By Server" message.

     Queued entries on the server will randomly get deleted by the
     server.  The entry gets deleted after its 60 second timer times 
     out to send a status message.

  o  Group codes in node database do not change after Multicast Message

  o  Server port appears to be hung after opening both sessions on a
     multisession terminal.

  o  Server crashes immediately after connecting to a local defined
  o  Password would not be accepted when connecting to a protected

  o  Multisession session appears hung after VT520 user closes a session
     and tries to reopen it. 

  o  Multisession port hangs after user continuously switches from one
     session to another and typing Control C (which causes host to 
     send a attention slot to abort/flush sending previous data).

  o  System has a memory resource problem.  This problem is caused by
     a stackguard failure.

  o  Memory fills to 100% usage and buffers are full.  System then
     appears hung.  Node limit is set to 200.

  o  A port hangs when a connection is made to a VAX system.  Generally
     on a remote port with roundrobin connection service on the modem.

  o  Ports are hung up in an XOFF state.  They can be logged off, but
     others continue to get hung up in an XOFF state

Please refer to the Release Notes included in the ECO kit for more


If you have a previous version of the DECserver software, it is
suggested that you copy that software to a safe area before performing
the installation. 

The systems you are installing this kit on, or copying these files to,
must be setup as a DECnet load host, be on the same segment and have NCP
database entries for the access servers you want to be loaded with this

This kit contains one tar file, DR5BASE22H.tar.  This is the kit for

The setld command will not install a kit from a tar file.  This kit was
created with the intention of being able to be installed after the files
were extracted from the tar file.  The following examples are to describe
a method to install the DECserver 500 software on the server. 

   - You will need root privileges to perform the install.

   - Create a temporary working directory and copy the appropriate tar
     file to this area, remember to copy the tar file in image mode if 
     you are using FTP.  In the following examples /usr/users/server will
     be this directory.  

          '# mkdir /usr/users/server'
          '# cd /usr/users/server'

	- Using the tar command extract the contents of the tar file.

          '# tar -xvf DR5BASE22H.tar' 

        - Print and review the release notes,
          input/usr/lib/dnet/ds5_relnotes.mem.  It may be a good idea to
          copy them to an area such as /usr/lib/dnet for future

        - If you want to install the complete kit perform the following 

          1) Make sure this version of the image is not already loaded. 
             '# /etc/setld -i DR5BASE22H'
             setld: DR5BASE22H Unknown subset

          2) Perform the setld.
             '# /etc/setld -l /usr/users/server/output DR5BASE22H'

	- If you do not want to install the complete kit simply copy the 
          ds5tsv.sys to usr/var/dnet.

	- Remove the files from the temporary working directory.

             '# cd /usr/users/server'
             '# rm -r *'

        - Be sure the path and filename matches the ones setup in the
          load host's NCP database for the servers you want to upgrade.

	- Use a local console terminal to the DECserver you want to load
          and use the INIT DELAY 0 command to cause the server to
          re-initialize and load the new software image.

	- After the server reboots, the software revision information is
          displayed in response to the SHOW SERVER command should
          reflect a version level of BL2.2.H. 
Files on this server are as follows:
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