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FRTN-OSF FORTAUE01055 Fortran F95/90 _ F77 Compiler V5.5__UNIX ECO Summary
TITLE: FRTN-OSF FORTAUE01055 Fortran F95/90 _ F77 Compiler V5.5__UNIX ECO Summary

New Kit Date:       22-OCT-2002
Modification Date:  Not Applicable
Modification Type:  NEW KIT
Copyright (c) Compaq Computer Corporation 2002.  All rights reserved.

PRODUCT:    Compaq Fortran for Tru64 UNIX Systems

COMPONENT:  Fortran 95/90 
            Fortran 77

OPSYS:      Tru64 UNIX V4.0 - V5.1A

SOURCE:     Compaq Computer Corporation


     ECO Kit Name:  FORTAUE01055
     ECO Kits Superseded by This ECO Kit:  None
     ECO Kit Approximate Size:  42,800 Blocks
     Kit Applies To:  Compaq Fortran V5.5 for Tru64 UNIX ECO 1
                      Tru64 UNIX V4.0 - V5.1A
     System/Cluster Reboot Necessary:  No
     Rolling Re-boot Supported:  Not Applicable 
     Installation Rating:  INSTALL_UNKNOWN

     Kit Dependencies:

       The following remedial kit(s) must be installed BEFORE
       installation of this kit:


       In order to receive all the corrections listed in this
       kit, the following remedial kits should also be installed:



An ECO kit exists for the V5.5 Fortran 95/90 and Fortran 77 compilers on 
Tru64 UNIX V4.0 through V5.1A.  This kit addresses the following

o   The following changes were made to the run-time support:

        o The access, chdir, chmod, link, lstat, rename, stat, symlnk, and
          unlink routines did not handle file or directory names containing
          embedded blanks.

        o A file corruption problem with unformatted variable length sequential
          files has been fixed.  This problem could occur when opening the file
          with buffering and then writing many items to a record. 

        o An INQUIRE statement on one of the pre-connected units (0, 5, and 6)
          will now return that the unit it opened (among any other requested
          information) unless that unit has been explicitly close by the

        o The performance of unformatted write operations on larger block
          sizes has been tuned and shows increased performance.

        o List directed reads of multi-input-lines did not handle new lines
          and comma's correctly.  For example: reading in an array of three
          integers specified as "1, 2  , 3" would be interpreted as  
          1,2,,3 instead of 1,2,3.

        o The libfor.so file was linked against a version of the file
          libmld.a obtained from the DTK area.  This was to eliminate
          a program hanging while trying to generate traceback support
          in a parallel application.

        o The rtl support for the CONVERT option on the OPEN statement and
          compile time command line option did not correctly implement the 
          precedence and behavior described in the User's Guide for foreign
          files in unformatted IO.  This problem was fixed in the Fortran rtl. 

        o The rtl support for the OPEN statement did not always record errno 
          on a failed OPEN.  This resulted in incorrect values reported by 
          ERRSNS for the system error number associated with the Fortran 
          OPEN statement.  This problem was fixed in the Fortran rtl.

        o The problem with flush(3f) not flushing the Fortran RTL buffers in
          a program compiled with -assume buffered_io has been fixed.  


A reboot is not required after installation.

To install the ECO kit, perform the following steps:

1.  Log in as superuser (login name root) to the system where you will 
    update Compaq Fortran.

2.  Create a temporary directory to hold the unpacked distribution files and
    change to that directory:

	mkdir forteco
        cd forteco

3.  Copy the ECO kit distribution file into the current directory:

	cp /xxx/xxx/DFA551.tar .

    Where /xxx/xxx/ is the location of the kit file.

4.  Unpack the ECO kit distribution file into the current directory:

	tar xmpf DFA551.tar

5.  Use the setld command to perform the installation:

	setld -l .

    The subsets available are:

      DFABASE551        Compaq Fortran 95 and 77 V5.5 ECO 1 for Tru64 UNIX
                        Alpha Systems
      DFACOM551         Compaq Fortran X5.5 (ECO 1) Tools and their Man page
      DFADOC551         Compaq Fortran V5.5 ECO 1 Release Notes and Man Pages
      DFARTL405         Compaq Fortran Runtime Support for Tru64 UNIX
      OTABASE220        Compaq Compiled Code Support Library #220
      HPFLIBS191        High Performance Fortran Run-Time Libraries

For further installation details, see the Compaq Fortran Installation Guide
for Tru64 UNIX Systems.  After installation, you may remove the
temporary directory created in step 2.

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