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HP Services Software Patches - r3270123
Copyright (c) Digital Equipment Corporation 1998.  All rights reserved.

Modification Date:  30-APR-1998
Modification Type:  Updated ECO Kit  Supersedes  R3270122

PRODUCT:    DEC SNA 3270 Application Services (3270 Services), Version 1.2

OP/SYS:     Digital UNIX [R] 

SOURCE:     Digital Equipment Corporation


     ECO Kit Name:  R3270123
     ECO Kits Superseded by This ECO Kit:  R3270122
     ECO Kit Approximate Size:  1465 Blocks
                              750080 Bytes
     Kit Applies To:  DEC SNA 3270 Application Services V1.2
                      Digital UNIX V3.2 or higher 

     System Reboot Necessary:  Yes


An ECO kit exists for DEC SNA Application Services V1.2 on Digital UNIX
V3.2 or later.  This kit addresses the following problems: 

Problems Addressed in the R3270123 Kit:

  o Session is in the unbinding state after received an unbind

  o SNALOG file would type out as a single column file                
  o PRINT/FLAG would cause queue to stall with NOCALLTRANS error      
  o An Invalid Stimulus bugcheck would be signalled                   
  o Exception Requests were not handled correctly                     
  o MEP VT Would Occasionally Exit With an Internal Error             
  o MEP VT Would Occasionally ACCVIO                                  

Problems Addressed in the R3270122 Kit:

  o  MEP VT would occasionally hang.  This was caused by SNA 3270
     Application Services passing an uninitialized data structure element
     to MEP VT which caused the session id to become corrupted. 

  o  DECforms: Error 12 displayed when running certain applications.

     When running certain DECforms applications, the user would see the
     following message: 

          Forms Error: -12
          Device I/O error.

     The error was caused by a change in a 3270 Services header file
     (R3270DEF.H) which was not included in the V1.1 shipment of the
     DECforms kits.  This change has now been built into the DECforms
     kits included with V1.2 of the 3270 Services software.  If you are
     using the DECforms software, install the latest kits (both 3270
     Services and DECforms) contained in this ECO.  If you have developed
     an application on V1.0 or V1.1 of the 3270 Services software, you
     may need to recompile your application after installing V1.1. 

  o  Concurrent calls to r3270_connect() returned "invalid enable id" 

     If a r3270_connect() call with a connect mode of RD_C_WAIT was made
     while another r3270_connect() call was outstanding, the
     r3270_connect() would fail with a sub-error of SNA_S_INVENAID. 

  o  Reported routine name corrupted in R3270_S_PARERR error message.

     The routine name in the "error in parameter, routine xxx" error
     message would be corrupted and reported as random characters. 

Problems Addressed in the R3270_E01012 Kit:

  o  Incorrect routine value returns.

     The r3270_xxx() calls would incorrectly set the return value
     to an error code of the form SNA_S_xxx, when called in BLOCKED
     mode, instead of the correct R3270_S_xxx value.


The ECO kit is distributed as a tar file containing the kit which can be
installed using the SETLD command. The tar file should be unpacked to a
suitable directory and then the setld command issued specifying that directory
as the source of the kit. Note that this is not an update kit, and the current
version of the R3270 must be deleted before installing this ECO.

For example, if the tar file containing the kit has been copied to

# setld -d R3270BASE120
# mkdir /usr/tmp/r3270
# cd /usr/tmp/r3270
# tar -xf /usr/tmp/r3270.tar
# setld -l ./ R3270BASE121

If the kit is delivered on tap11 then the commands would be:

# setld -d R3270BASE120
# mkdir /usr/tmp/r3270
# cd /usr/tmp/r3270
# tar x
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