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HP Services Software Patches - nianis311-v12
Copyright (c) Digital Equipment Corporation 1997.  All rights reserved.

PRODUCT:    DEC Network Integration Server Software V3.1 (DECNIS)


SOURCE:     Digital Equipment Corporation


     ECO Kit Name:  NIANIS311-V12
     ECO Kits Superseded by This ECO Kit:  NIANIS319

     ECO Kit Approximate Size:  33209 Blocks
                     TAR file - 33180 Blocks

     Kit Applies To:  DEC Network Integration Server Software V3.1            
                      DIGITAL UNIX V3.0 - V4.0
     DECNIS Server Reboot Necessary:  Yes


An ECO kit exists for DEC Network Integration Server Software V3.1 on         
DIGITAL UNIX V3.0 - V4.0. This kit addresses the following problems: 


  o MOP loading over PPP circuit will not work on W614/8 card.        
  o Enable strict IP compliance for ICMP Echo Requests                
  o DECNIS could crash on disabling static route                      
  o DECNIS could transmit L1 LAN HELLOS at excessive rate             
  o Connectivity could be lost                                        
  o New adjacencies might not form on static route creation           
  o Generated route costs could cycle to infinity.                    
  o DECNIS could crash clearing an X25 Relay Call                     
  o DECNIS reports invalid NCL dictionary on the console              
  o DECNIS routers could dump on topology changes                     
  o Configurable ARP cache size introduced      
  o Incorrectly set bridge ports still activate                      


  DECNIS Datalink problems corrected:                                         
  o  CHDLC and PPP link problems                                              
  o  Dropped packets on HDLC links                                            
  o  FDDI translation support                                                 
  o  Allow padding on end of PPP DECnet frames on W618                        
  o  Line bounce exhausts pool                                                
  o  Frame Relay Problem                                                      
  o  W618/4 Datalink Crash                                                    
  o  Malformed Ethernet Packet Crash                                          
  o  TranslateIVtoV Ignored On F621                                           
  o  PPP Link Connection Monitoring and MRU Fix                               
  o  DDCMP Locks Up And Will Not Restart                                      
  o  DDCMP Links Causing Data Corruption/System Crashes                       
  o  W622 packet transmission could crash DECNIS                              
  o  DDCMP link would not restart                                             
  o  Corrupt frame could crash DECNIS                    

  DECNIS MOP problems corrected:                                              
  o  Mop Loopback on W614/8                                                    
  o  MOP directive causes crash                                                
  o  Remote Dumping                                                            
  o  MOP serial boot problem                                                   
  o  MOP remote loading/dumping memory leak                                    
  o  Proxy loading failure                                                     
  o  CHDLC counters corruption                                                 
  o  CHDLC link unused could cause DECNIS crash                                
  DECNIS NSP problems corrected:                                              
  o  NSP crash                                                              
  o  NSP related crash

  DECNIS routing problems corrected:                                          
  o  IP invalid length packet crash                                           
  o  IP option LSP packet crash                                               
  o  IP Delete crash                                                          
  o  BGP restriction                                                          
  o  Large IP and IPX network crash                                           
  o  Problem when propagating IP from ISIS L1 to ISIS L2                      
  o  Watchdog timer crash when running RV                                     
  o  IP database sizing and Config errors                                     
     +  Rationalization of IP Destination status                              
     +  IP Paths status                                                       
     +  Configuration errors by category                                      
  o  Miscellaneous RIP fixes                                                  
  o  Crash on receiving IP Ping                                               
  o  IP Source Routing                                                        
  o  IP local adjacencies exhausted                                           
  o  IP Standby crash                                     
  o  IP pathsplit loss                                                        
  o  Extended ZIP reply packet crash                                          
  o  LAN hello padding                                                        
  o  Exclude non PHASE IV adjs in PIV DR election                             
  o  Ignored ARP Requests                                                     
  o  RIP/IS-IS L2E Metric Comparison                                          
  o  ARP Update Problem                                                       
  o  RIP Metric Mapping                                                       
  o  Routing Vector Computation Watchdog Bugcheck                             
  o  Crash on Phase IV 'RTS' packets                                          
  o  Phase IV PDUs Not Forwarded                                              
  o  Incorrect Translation Failures On W622                                   
  o  Reachability Problems                                                    
  o  Ignored CISCO RIP Broadcasts                                             
  o  Preference Of Local Routes                                               
  o  IP RA Over Non-DNA Problem                                               
  o  Corrupt Source MAC Addresses                                             
  o  OSPF Over X.25 DLM Dropped Packets            
  o  IP Connectivity Loss On L1 Routers                                     
  o  Crash Changing Routing Circuit Cost                                      
  o  Local L2 LSP Generation Causes Stack Overflow                            
  o  IPX Memory Leaks                                                         
  o  3 Way Hand Shake On Serial Circuits                                      
  o  Segment L1 RV Updates When Required                                      
  o  Creation Of ARP Cache Entries                                            
  o  Reduce RIP Advertisement Overhead                                         
  o  UDP Broadcast Forwarding                                                 
  o  Validate IP Addresses From ARP Request                                   
  o  Ignore Broadcast Addresses In ARP                                        
  o  Fragmentation error messages not sent                                    
  o  IPX could be enabled in error over SMDS                                  
  o  DECNIS crash on receipt of non pseudo node LSP                           
  o  IS-IS to RIP propagation error                                           
  o  Unreachable ID's stay unreachable                                        
  o  Reachability lost when running routing vector                            
  o  In the previous release, it was noticed that RIP           
     seemed to stop working over a PPP link                               
  o  Counting to infinity in certain circumstances                          
  o  DECNIS crash on processing recombination buffer                        
  o  Setting DECNIS time backwards could lose                               
  DECNIS W631 problems corrected:                                             
  o  W631 counter problem                                                   
  o  Problem Interoperating with CISCO ATM card over E3                     
  o  3 non-zero VPI values can be used on W631                              
  o  W631 sometimes fails to load                                           
  DECNIS modem problems corrected:                                            
  o  Allow DTR assertion while clock stopped on W622                        
  DECNIS ETHERNET problems corrected:    

  o  L601/2 possible boot-up crash                                          
  o  Failure Detection Time Added To CSMA-CD Stations                       
  DECNIS IPXWAN problems corrected:                                           
  o  Disable IPXWAN routing circuit Bugcheck                                
  o  Loss of reachability to IPX servers                                    
  DECNIS X.25 problems corrected:                                             
  o  X.25 relay management                                                    
  o  DECNIS crash on X.25 call setup                                          
  o  Possible Crash Disabling X.25 DTEs                                       
  o  Long LLC2 DTE Addresses                                                  
  o  X.25 And Full NSAPs Crash                                                
  o  Reset Confirm Crash                                                      
  o  X.25 outgoing call packet corruption                                    
  o  X.25 allowed access to blocked nodes                  

  DECNIS CONFIGURATOR problems corrected:                                     
  o  Bridge MAC Types For PPP And CHDLC                                     
  o  Local DTE Set Not Deleted                                              
  DECNIS PROXY LOAD problems corrected:                                       
  o  Loss of access to load file caused crash                               
  DECNIS BOOTP problems corrected:                                            
  o  Multiple BOOTP Servers For Relay                                         
  o  TFTP Client Improvements                                                 
  o  TFTP Client With Local Pathsplits To Server                              
  o  BOOTP Relay On PTP Circuits                                              
  o  Loading secure connections files from BOOTP/TFTP                         
  o  BOOTP replies not forwarded on circuit     

  DECNIS BRIDGE problems corrected:                                           
  o  Crash When Bridge Enabled                                                 
  o  W614/8 Bridge Address Learning                                            
  o  Frames Forwarded Counter Not Incrementing                                 
  o  Bridge Multicast Lockup                                                   
  o  Bridging Multicasts Not Forwarded                                         
  o  Odd length packets not bridged to routeabout                              
  o  PPP or VCP circuit down could crash DECNIS                                
  DECNIS management problems corrected:                                       
  o  Event Dispatcher Watchdog Bugcheck                                       
  o  Cosmetic change to reboot-reason for HALT                                
  o  Cosmetic change to sysServices attribute                                 
  o  Console Interface Enhancements                                           
  o  NCL Checker Improvements                                                 
  o  Stuck Counters On Priority Interfaces         
  o  Password For Telnet Connections                                        
  o  NCL> Show routing circuit IP adj *                                        
  o  NCL Checker Enhancements                                                  
  o  Prevent Conditional NETMAN Bugcheck                                       
  o  DS3 MIB Support                                                           
  o  MOD_FLSH Image Deletion                                                   
  o  Errors On Valid 'sets'                                                    
  o  Limit SNMP Requests Into NETMAN                                           
  o  Bridge MIB contents not shown                                             
  DECNIS DOCUMENTATION information                                            
  o  Creating a Combined File on MS-DOS PCs                                 
  DECNIS miscellaneous problems corrected:                                    
  o  VMS NCL script compiler bugcheck in priority enable                    
  o  Process mode crash when continuously busy   
  o  Improved ARE Update Performance                                        
  o  CSMA-CD station Failure Detection Changed                                
  o  W622/HS High Rate CRC Crash                                              
  o  DECNIS With F621 Crashes During Boot                                     
  o  L601 Possible Data Corruption                                            
  o  W622/HS Link Disable Crash                                               
  o  Setting end system adjacencies                                           
  o  Propagation from ISIS into OSPF restriction lifted             

Please refer to the Release Notes (fix notes) included in the ECO kit         
for a complete explanation of this release. 


Install this kit with the SETLD utility by logging into the root account,
and typing the following at the prompt:

   setld -l [location of the saveset]

Refer to Chapter 1.1 of the fix notes for post installation tasks.

Please note that after installing this update kit, you need to reboot all 
Files on this server are as follows:
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