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HP Services Software Patches - cxxshrdae01307
Copyright (c) Digital Equipment Corporation 1995.  All rights reserved.

PRODUCT:    DEC OSF/1 Version 3.0, 3.2, 3.2C

COMPONENT:  DEC C++ Class Library Run-Time Version 3.0

SOURCE:     Digital Equipment Corporation


     ECO Kit Name:  CXXSHRDAE01307
     ECO Kits Superseded by This ECO Kit:  CXXSHRDAE01306
     ECO Kit Approximate Size:  cxxshrdae01307.tar 399360 Bytes


An ECO kit exists for DEC C++ Class Library Run-Time V3.0 on DEC OSF/1
V3.0,3.2,3.2C. This kit addresses the following problems: 

    o  When the Complex Library exp() function  detects  an  underflow
       error,  the  resulting  value  is  now  (0,0)  instead  of (+/-
       max-float, +/- max-float).

    o  The division routines within  the  Complex  Library  now  catch
       divide-by-zero errors instead of signaling them.

    o  There is no longer a memory leak when you use the  *_withassign
       assignment operators to initialize an object for which you have
       called xalloc().  Previously,  the  memory  allocated  for  the
       object by xalloc() was lost.

    o  The String extraction operator now takes  care  of  dynamically
       allocating the String to accommodate the input.

    o  When you open a file specifying ios::ate but  not  ios::app  to
       the  filebuf  open()  function, the file is no longer opened in
       O_APPEND mode.  This incorrect behavior caused all data  to  be
       written  to the end of the file, regardless of the current file

    o  Various problems  with  exception  handling  have  been  fixed.
       Also,  support  for exception handling in DEC C++ V5.3 has been

    o  The catch(...) clause now catches C structured exceptions.

    o  The fstream,  ifstream,  and ofstream  close() member functions
       now clear the stream's error status when the close succeeds.

    Known restrictions in CXXSHRDAE01307 kit

    o  A single application is restricted from  using  both  the  math
       library function clog() and the iostream Package's clog object.
       This restriction is due to the fact that libm and  libcxx  each
       contain  a  definition  for  the  global  symbol clog and those
       definitions are incompatible.

       Furthermore, applications  which  reference  one  of  the  clog
       symbols  cannot  include both -lcxx and -lm on their ld command
       line.  ld will generate  an  error  because  clog  is  multiply

  Problems addressed in previous CXXSHRDAE01306 kit

    o  The >> operator within the istrstream class now works correctly
       when converting from a character string to a float.

    o  An  access  violation  or  segmentation  fault  is  no   longer
       generated  when  your  application writes into an uninitialized
       ostream_withassign.   Instead  the  written  text   is   simply

    o  A file positioning problem for bidirectional fstreams has  been
       corrected.    Previously  if  your  application  switched  from
       reading an fstream to writing an fstream, with  or  without  an
       intervening  seek  operation,  the necessary synchronization of
       the external file position  with  the  get  pointer  was  often
       skipped.   This  resulted  in  the  written  data  being placed
       incorrectly within the file.

    o  The real() function within the stopwatch class was  incorrectly
       returning  the  CPU  time.   Now  it  returns the clock time as

    o  The flush() function within the ostream class  was  incorrectly
       calling overflow().  Now flush() calls sync() as documented.

    o  During the destruction of a Message object, the  value  of  the
       LANG environment variable is no longer cleared.

    o  Instances of ostrstream no  longer  delete  their  strstreambuf
       twice.   This  had no effect on the standard memory allocators,
       but  it  did  cause  problems  for  some  third  party   memory

    o  The segmentation fault in sync_with_stdio() no  longer  occurs.
       The segmentation fault was due to the conflict between the clog
       function within the math library and the clog object within the
       iostream Package.

    o  The strstreambuf destructor no longer  deletes  the  buffer  if
       str()  has  been called.  As documented, the str() function now
       transfers the responsibility  of  freeing  the  buffer  to  the

    o  The >> operator within the istrstream class now works correctly
       when  the  conversion base format is hex and hexadecimal values
       are read which begin with "0" but are not prefixed with "0x".

    o  A segmentation fault no longer occurs  during  image  exit  for
       applications  which  called sync_with_stdio().  Previously, the
       call to sync_with_stdio() would free  memory  which  was  again
       freed  at  image  exit; this sometimes generated a segmentation

    o  The algorithm used by ostrstream  for  dynamic  allocation  has
       been corrected.  The previous algorithm doubled the buffer size
       each time additional space was needed,  and  this  resulted  in
       very inefficient use of memory for large buffers.


 This DEC C++ Class Library  kit  may  be  installed  on  DEC  OSF/1
 Version 3.0, 3.2, and 3.2C.  The tar file, CXXSHRDAE01307.tar, must
 be unpacked before using the setld  utility  to  install  the  kit.
 When  you unpack the tar file, you will find the release notes in a
 separate file, CXXSHRDAE01307.RELEASE_NOTES.

 After unpacking the tar file,  install  this  kit  with  the  setld
 utility by logging into the root account and typing the following:

     /usr/sbin/setld -l [location of the unpacked files]

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