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HP Services Software Patches - decamds$01_061
Copyright (c) Digital Equipment Corporation 1994.  All rights reserved.

PRODUCT:    DEC Availability Manager for Distributed Systems (DECamds)


SOURCE:     Digital Equipment Corporation


     ECO Kit Name:  DECAMDS$01_061 
     ECO Kits Superseded by This ECO Kit:  None
     ECO Kit Size:  2970 Blocks
     Kit Applies To:  DECamds V6.1
                      OpenVMS VAX V5.5 - V6.1
     System Reboot Necessary:  No


An ECO kit exists for DECamds V6.1 on OpenVMS VAX only.  This kit
addresses the following problems: 

The following is a list of changes since V6.1.

  o  Modified the Node Summary, Single Process, and Single Lock
     Displays to have a more Motif look and feel.  Internal widgets
     have been modified to allow resizing at least the width. 
     Resizing the height will still cause data to not be displayed. 
     This is mainly due to widget attachments. 

  o  Added the ability to enact a Quorum Adjustment "Fix" from the
     Node Summary display.  This fix enacts the same procedure as the
     IPC> mechanism at the system console to force the cluster to
     figure the new quorum value. 

  o  Modify the automatic purge working set algorithm to pick
     processes better and to allow virtually any amount of processes
     getting purged. 

  o  Modify the resource hash table sparse and dense events to be
     class based events based on the memory class.  Also, modify the
     text of the event created to list the percent that caused the

  o  Added a ^Y/^C handler so that if someone forces the DECamds
     console application to exit via a ^Y or a ^C, the AMDS$COMM
     process will also exit. 

  o  Modified the AMDS$COMM process creation to use the parent process
     quotas for ASTLM, BIOLM, TQELM, and WSEXTENT.  Removed the
     customize values from the AMDS$APPLIC_CUSTOMIZE.DAT file and
     DECamds Application Customizations dialog box. 

  o  Add more filters to the Volume Summary display.  By default, all
     OpenVMS RAM disks, Read Only (write-locked), and volumes with the
     string "PAGE" or "SWAP" in the volume name will now be filtered.
     Also, added the ability to choose which volumes that should be
     filtered.  Simply select the "Specific Volume Filter" button from
     the Volume Summary Filter Dialog box, and another dialog box will
     be opened into which you may either type the Device Name to be
     filtered or MB1 select a device name from the Volume Summary
     window and then add to your filtered list. 

  o  Modified the System Overview display to list the Node Names in
     the same column as the Group Name.  Removed the ##/##, and
     replaced it with a simple count of nodes in the group. 
     Previously, ##/## would mean number of nodes being viewed
     now/number nodes in the group. 

  o  Added ability to filter lock resource name via from the Customize
     Pulldown menu and selection of the Filter Data... option.  When
     the console application starts up, it will convert any DECamds
     lock filter logicals (the V6.1 mechanism) to a data file for each
     group the console application recognizes.  This data file will be
     read at application initiation as the list of filtered locks. 

     Removed the AMDS$LOCK* logicals from the AMDS$LOGICALS.COM file.

  o  Modified the filters for the Process I/O display - the "rate"
     filters are "OR'd" together as a unit, then "AND'd" with the rest
     of the filters.  This way you set your default rate filters all
     to .1 and if any process has a rate going above one of the
     filters, its viewed.  (Seeing as usually you don't have a process
     doing much of the AND all above case). 
     Also, the default filters were changed to read .1 for each rate
     in the AMDS$FILTER_DEFS.DAT file. 

  o  Modified the text of the Disk/Volume events to include the volume
     name as part of the event message. 
  o  Add new parameter to AMDS$STARTUP.COM "restart" which will
     effectively STOP and START the driver/data collector. 
     Previuosly, if you changed security or logicals you'd have to
     STOP then START, now done in an all inclusive step. 

  o  Colorized the single process display!  Changed the bar graphs to
     be listed in either the no event or event color depending on
     whether or not there is an event for the data object.   Also
     added some "metering" to the "Wait States" bars. 

The following is a list of fixed problems since V6.1. 

  o  Fix ACCVIO problems in trying to close DECamds windows from the
     DECwindows Window Manager Close window option. 

  o  Fix a problem in the Change Process Priority Fix.  If the Fix was
     applied without first changing the priority, the fix would 
     incorrectly change the remote processes priority to 0. 

  o  Fix numerous problems in Single Lock Collection, especially when
     using the Automatic Lock Investigation algorithms.  The problems
     usually resulted in application ACCVIO's with a Virtual Address
     less than 00000200 (hex). 

  o  Fix a problem in group window collection when a node window from
     which data was being collected had been stopped, but not quite
     totally removed yet and the group window would try to access
     memory from the window while the window didn't own it anymore. 

  o  Fixed problems with handling of events, with respect to accessing
     memory used by events that were very transient. 

  o  Fixed numerous problems in the collection and collation of Disk
     and Volume data.  Removed the need to have the Disk Status
     Summary data collected whenever Volume Summary collection was

  o  Fixed a problem in calculation of CPU Usage for the group. 
     Previously the calculation simply added all the values from the
     nodes and divided by the number of nodes.  This was changed to
     weight those nodes with more than 1 CPU more heavily, then divide
     by the number of CPU's found. 

  o  Fix a singly reported case of JOB_CONTROL in an infinite loop at
     100% Kernel CPU utilization while getting a non primary page/swap
     file name. 

  o  Fix a problem in the Memory Summary window where the WSSize
     column was populated with the data from the WSCount column when a
     new row was added to the display. 

  o  Fix a problem where sometimes a window that was being displayed
     was deleted for no apparent reason. 

  o  Fixed a problem where scrolling Single Lock and Single Process
     Summaries top panels would cause the header from the panel below
     to also scroll. 

  o  Fixed a problem in the driver where if the driver was stopped and
     the security was changed to be all read only, the driver would
     recognize that and not allow a console running on that node to do
     a fix.  Currently, if you're self monitoring you may do fixes if
     two conditions are true: 

      1.  you have the privileges
      2.  your driver has at least *one* write security triplet

The system/cluster does not need to be rebooted after this kit is 
installed.  However, DECamds should be shutdown and restarted 
in order for all kit changes to take effect.  Please see the
DECAMDS$01_061 Cover Letter for more detailed installation 
Files on this server are as follows:
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