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OpenVMS VAXSYSL02_2H455 VAX V5.5-2H4 SYSLOA/Error Formatter ECO Summary
TITLE: OpenVMS VAXSYSL02_2H455 VAX V5.5-2H4 SYSLOA/Error Formatter ECO Summary
Modification Date:  29-JUL-98
Modification Type:  New Kit

NOTE:  An OpenVMS saveset or PCSI installation file is stored
       on the Internet in a self-expanding compressed file.
       The name of the compressed file will be kit_name-dcx_vaxexe
       for OpenVMS VAX or kit_name-dcx_axpexe for OpenVMS Alpha.
       Once the file is copied to your system, it can be expanded
       by typing RUN compressed_file.  The resultant file will
       be the OpenVMS saveset or PCSI installation file which
       can be used to install the ECO.
Copyright (c) Digital Equipment Corporation 1998.  All rights reserved.

OP/SYS:     OpenVMS VAX 

COMPONENT:  Error Formatter 

SOURCE:     Digital Equipment Corporation


     ECO Kit Name:  VAXSYSL02_2H455
     ECO Kits Superseded by This ECO Kit:  VAXSYSL18_U2055 (For OpenVMS
                                             V5.5-2H4 *ONLY*)
     ECO Kit Approximate Size:  2142 Blocks
     Kit Applies To:  OpenVMS VAX V5.5-2H4 
     System/Cluster Reboot Necessary:  Yes
     Rolling Re-boot Supported:  Yes
     Installation Rating:  3 - To be installed on all systems running
                               the listed versions of OpenVMS which
                               are experiencing the problems described.}

     Kit Dependencies:

       The following remedial kit(s) must be installed BEFORE
       installation of this kit:


       In order to receive all the corrections listed in this
       kit, the following remedial kits should also be installed:



An ECO kit exists for SYSLOA and the Error Formatter on OpenVMS VAX
V5.5-2H4.  This kit addresses the following problems: 

Problems addressed in VAXSYSL02_2H455:

  o  The VAXSYSL18_U2055 multi-version kit is being re-issued as
     separate kits.  If you have installed the VAXSYSL18_U2055
     remedial kit you do not need to install this kit.

Problems addressed in VAXSYSL18_U2055 for OpenVMS VAX V5.5-2H4:

  o  Previous SYSLOA kits have been combined into one kit.  All
     the problem solutions that were in the kits superseded by
     VAXSYSL18_U2055 are included in VAXSYSL18_U2055 and apply 
     to versions 5.5-2 and 5.5-2H4 of OpenVMS VAX.

     NOTE:  The following SYSLOA*.EXEs are included in this                   
            ECO kit and are used with the CPU types shown:                    
            SYSLOA1202     VAX 6000-500                                       
            SYSLOA1302     VAX 6000-600                                       
            SYSLOA1303     VAX 4000-100/100A/105A   MicroVAX 3100-90/95       
            SYSLOA1701     VAX 7000/10000                                     
            SYSLOA420                               MicroVAX 3100             
            SYSLOA440      VAXstation 4000-VLC      MicroVAX 3100-30/40       
            SYSLOA46       VAXstation 4000-60       MicroVAX 3100-80          
            SYSLOA49       VAXstation 4000-90                                 
            SYSLOA43       VAXstation 3100 M76                                
            SYSLOA43D      VAXstation 3100 M76/GPX                            
            SYSLOA43S      VAXstation 3100 M76/SPX                            
            SYSLOA43W      VAXstation 3100 M76 (MONOCHROME)                   
            SYSLOA9CC      VAX 6000-200/300                                   
            SYSLOA9RR      VAX 6000-400                                       

     ***********************  WARNING  ****************************           
     *                                                            *           
     *  If you are going to install this ECO kit on a VAXstation  *           
     *  4000 Model 60 or VAXstation 4000 Model 90 system that has *           
     *  a TURBOchannel device installed *AND* is a member of a    *           
     *  VAXcluster, you *MUST* install CSCPAT_1045 on your        *           
     *  system either before or in the same installation session  *           
     *  with this ECO.  If this ECO is installed on a             *           
     *  system that meets the requirements mentioned above,       *           
     *  the system will crash at boot time with an INVEXCEPTN     *           
     *  bugcheck at STACONFIG+578A if CSCPAT_1045 does not        *           
     *  exist on the system.                                      *           
     *                                                            *           
     *  If you install both kits during the same session,         *           
     *  Digital recommends that you do not reboot between the     *           
     *  application of the two ECO kits due to the probability    *           
     *  of a system bugcheck which causes an unbootable system    *           
     *  if only this ECO is installed.                            *           
     *                                                            *           
     *  For more information, please see the following article:   *           
     *                                                            *           
     *      *OpenVMS] CSCPAT_1045 SYSGEN, STACONFIG And           *           
     *                TURBOchannel ECO Summary                    *           
     *                                                            *           
  o  ANALYZE/ERROR returns an ACCVIO while processing a memory error          
  o  The VAXstation Model 90 hangs when the VME B board is accessed           
     after reset.                                                             
  o  ANALYZE/ERROR report does not call the VAXstation 4000-VLC and           
     MicroVAX 3100-30, -40 a KA45 as it should.                               


The images in this kit will not take effect until the system is
rebooted.  If there are other nodes in the VMScluster, they must 
also be rebooted in order to make use of the new image(s).  

If it is not possible or convenient to reboot the entire cluster at 
this time, a rolling re-boot may be performed.
Files on this server are as follows:
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