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HP Services Software Patches - vaxdecw11_u2055_decwindows
Copyright (c) Digital Equipment Corporation 1994. All rights reserved.

COMPONENT:  VMS DECwindows                          

SOURCE:     Digital Equipment Corporation


     ECO Kit Name:  VAXDECW11_U2055
     ECO Kits Superseded by This ECO Kit:  DECW$05_U1055 
     ECO Kit Approximate Size:  13,410 Blocks
     Kit Applies To:  OpenVMS VAX V5.4-3, V5.5, V5.5-1, V5.5-2, V5.5-2H4
     System Reboot Necessary:  Yes

NOTE:  DECWindows kits no longer support versions of  OpenVMS VAX prior to
       V5.4-3.  If  the fixes  in this  kit  are required for a version of
       OpenVMS VAX that precedes V5.4-3, it is highly recommended that you
       upgrade to a later, supported version.


An ECO (patch) kit exists for Motif V1.0 through V1.1 and DECwindows
on OpenVMS VAX V5.4-3 through V5.5-2H4.

This kit addresses the following problems: 

 LCG issues:

  o The  end  points  for  wide   lines   were   projected/joined
    incorrectly   with   the   LCG  display  server  (4000  class
    workstations).  The effect was  that  endpoints  for  certain
    lines  were  projected  beyond  the  join (such as JoinBevel)
    resulting in pixels being drawn in the wrong location.  Under
    certain conditions, stray pixels remained on the screen.

  o The DECwindows LCG X11 display  server  did  not  return  the
    correct   values  for  XQueryBestSize()  requests  specifying

  o The DECwindows LCG X11 display server would sometimes  ACCVIO
    when  using  tiles.   The  problem  was  typically  seen when
    replicating very small tiles.

  o Under certain conditions,  the  DECwindows  LCG  X11  display
    server  did  not  handle caps correctly on thin dashed lines.
    The problem was most visible when the last point  before  the
    cap was the last pixel of the last value in the dash list.

  SPX issues:

  o On LCSPX systems, tiled rectangles and  other  tile/non-tiled
    operations  were  not drawn correctly to occluded portions of
    windows with backing store enabled.

  o For applications continually reusing  a  32X32  tile  on  SPX
    systems,   the   tile   could   become  corrupted  and  drawn

  o Applications displaying on SPX  systems  and  using  a  large
    number  of  medium size pixmaps caused offscreen memory to be
    corrupted.  This often resulted in a server crash.

  o Under certain conditions, the SPX server displayed the  wrong
    color  and incorrect dash patterns when drawing dashed lines.
    This resulted in a display that was not readable.

  GPX issues:

  o The VAXstation II/GPX server did not  correctly  load  cursor
    colors.   Attempts  to change the cursor color resulted in an
    incorrect color.

  o The DECwindows GPX X11  display  server  crashed  whenever  a
    client  attempted an XPutImage with a GC that had linewidth =
    0 and linestyle = LineDoubleDash.

  Monochrome Frame Buffer (MFB) issues:

  o On Monochrome (MFB) systems, when sliding the thumb on an XUI
    scrollbar  widget,  garbage  would  appear  elsewhere  in the

  o FillRects drawn with an MFB  server  with  a  negative  width
    and/or  height did not get clipped against the drawable.  The
    DECwindows X11 display server then crashed when it  attempted
    to write beyond frame buffer memory.

  Firefox issues:

  o The firefox drivers  did  not  always  respond  correctly  to
    screen saver set and reset requests.

  Input (mouse, keyboard) issues:

  o Autorepeat worked incorrectly when a down/up  key  that  does
    not  autorepeat was pressed.  The clearest example of this is
    to press  and hold it down, then  press  and  release  an
    ARROW key.  This resulted in the  autorepeating.

  o When using a 2 or 4 button input device (puck or stylus), the
    server  assumed  a  3  button device was is use after logging
    out.  This meant that buttons 1, 2 and 3 would work, but  not
    button 4 when ending a session.

  o For workstations running SoftPC and using the  graphics  head
    as  the  console,  keyboard problems could occur whenever the
    DECwindows  X11  display  server  was  shutdown.    Duplicate
    characters were echoed back to the console.

  o On VAXstation 4000 workstations using the  graphics  head  as
    the  console, pressing the HALT button and typing CONTINUE at
    the console prompt left the keyboard in a  reset  state.   In
    this state, the keyboard would sometimes autorepeat.

  o Any mouse movement  while  in  emulation  mode  canceled  the
    pseudo mouse button latch down state.

  o "Lock" and "Hold  Screen"  lights  remained  "ON"  after  the
    DECwindows  X11  display server was reset (end session).  The
    result was a keyboard and server that were out of sync.

  o The DECwindows X11 display server did not correctly track the
    state  of the keyboard mode-switch function.  The problem was
    most  visible  when  using  DECwindows   with   Asian   style

  Font issues:

  o The DECwindows X11 display  server  assumed  that  XQueryFont
    requests  from  clients  were  always  valid.  In some cases,
    invalid XQueryFont requests caused the server to crash.

  o If a client tried to use XSetFontPath to set or  add  a  path
    which  is  invalid  (ie.   a  UNIX-style dirspec), the server
    would no longer be able to find  any  fonts,  even  if  valid
    paths  exists  in  the  font  directory  list.  This behavior
    sometimes lead to other problems such as a server crash.

  DECwindows Color Database changes:

  o A new color database exists for the  OpenVMS  VAX  DECwindows
    X11   display   server.    The   color   database   uses  the
    MIT-compliant data file  format,  rather  than  the  specific
    logical  name  format.  The SYS$MANAGER:DECW$RGB.COM file has
    been  replaced  with   the   SYS$MANAGER:DECW$RGB.DAT   file.
    Logicals associated with color in the DECW$SERVER0_TABLE have
    been removed.

    The features of the color database include the following:

    -  Saves system memory by eliminating over 400 logical names
       from the DECW$SERVER0_TABLE logical name table

    -  Improves the speed for color lookup

    -  Is compatible with most other X Server implementations

       The colors are the same in  the  new  database,  however  the
       format  for  color definitions has changed.  The new database
       format uses 8-bit values.  For example,  the  definition  for
       white  is  255  255  255.  Previously, the format used 16-bit
       values, where the definition for white was 65535,65535,65535.
       Color  specification  is  not  lost  because  the X11 display
       server has always used 8 bits for named  color  values.   The
       previous  logical-name  color scheme is used when a specified
       color is not available in the updated color database.  Colors
       defined using the previous format will continue to work.

  Backing store issues:

  o Under certain conditions, resizing  a  backing-stored  window
    beyond the screen boundaries resulted in a corrupt window.

  Display Postscript (DPS) issues:

  o In some situations, the Display Postscript extension did  not
    display  text  on  a  rotated page.  In addition, text on the
    edge of a window border was sometimes not displayed.

  o An updated DPS kernel has been integrated into the DECwindows
    X11  Display  Server  DPS  extension.  The new DPS kernel has
    resolved a number of server crashes that occurred within  the
    DPS code.

  o Under  certain  conditions,  the  DPS  extension  caused  the
    DECwindows   display   server  to  crash  when  displaying  a
    postscript file from a non-VAX system onto a VAX workstation.

  X Image Extension (XIE) issues:

  o The XIE extension would sometimes ACCVIO  when  scaling  with
    certain scaling factors.  This resulted in a server crash.

  o If the XIE extension was presented a  G42D  compressed  image
    which  contained  fewer  scanlines than declared in the image
    attributes, unpredictable results occurred.   This  sometimes
    resulted in a server crash.

  Miscellaneous issues:

  o The DECwindows X11 display server could ACCVIO when a fake or
    null  client  thread  that was the currently executing client
    was aborted.  This resulted in a server crash.

  o If an application/client  ignores  a  critical  error  status
    returned  by  the DECwindows X11 display server and continues
    using the bad resource to do drawing operations,  the  server
    could crash.

  o Calling XDrawText (an 8 bit font drawing call) with a 16  bit
    font  caused  the DECwindows X11 display server to ACCVIO and

  o Poly-widelines drawn using certain GC  functions  caused  the
    line to erase itself at joins and intersections.

  o The DECwindows X11 display server  did  not  draw  zero-width
    arcs  correctly whenever the arc started or ended near octant

  o The DECwindows X11 display server imposed the range  for  the
    usable  keycodes  for  the  keymap  to  be between 86 to 251.
    According to the X11 protocol, this range should be from 8 to
    255.   The  range  has  been  extended to comply with the X11

  o The DECwindows X11 display server would  crash  when  drawing
    widearcs covering more than 2048 spans.

  o Under certain condition, the DECwindows  X11  display  server
    would  crash  when  zooming  on  certain objects.  The object
    could be text or some other object treated  as  text  by  the

  o Starting point conditions for zero-width dashed arcs could be
    invalid for specific combinations of arc coordinates and dash
    attributes.  This resulted in a server crash.

  o The DECwindows X11 display server crashed when attempting  to
    draw  arcs  in JoinRound rectangles.  The server would always
    attempt to draw in the  wrong  quadrant  when  drawing  these
    types of rectangles.


  LCG issues:

  o Drawing  horizontal  thin  lines  with  the   LCG   server
    sometimes caused the server to crash with an ACCVIO.

  o The VMS V5.5  LCG  server  did  not  properly  handle  the
    subwindow mode of IncludeInferiers correctly.

  o 4 head LCG systems did not get cursor  correct  on  second
    head (head #1) of the four heads.

  o On LCG systems under VMS V5.5, when using XDrawLines  with
    coordinate  mode  CoordModePrevious  and a large number of
    points were specified, some points would be drawn  at  the
    wrong coordinates.

  o In the VMS V5.5 X11 Display Server  for  VAXstation  4000s
    (LCG),  there was a bug in the lines and segments routines
    which caused lines and segments with coincident end points
    to  be  drawn  incorrectly.  The effect was that dots were
    left behind when dragging objects which were  drawn  using

  SPX issues:

  o Ctrl F2, halt or console output could cause the server  to
    hang on any SPX machine.

  o An access violation occurred when using large  amounts  of
    off screen memory.

  o If x  or  y  position  of  a  character  string  was  very
    negative, the screen would go black.

  o Thin triangles were sometimes drawn incorrectly.

  o Screen corruptions could occur for applications that  used
    backing store.

  o Screen  corruptions  could   occur   while   running   PEX
    applications on SPX.

  o When using backing store you could sometimes see  vertical
    stripes in your window.

  o Applications which use large clip lists  could  appear  to
    hang the server for a time.

  o Keyboard  auto   repeat   was   not   controllable   using

  o If there was insufficient memory for any  part  of  pixmap
    allocation, the SPX server would crash.

  Display PostScript (DPS) issues:

  o The DPS extension did not clean up the DPS space  properly
    when  the  user  destroyed  space.   Since  the DPS kernel
    imposes an implicit limit of 100  context/space  in  total
    internally,   eventually  the  kernel  would  return  null
    context to a CreateContext call.  This problem caused  CDA
    Viewer to hang.

  o The DPS extension did not load  type  3  fonts  correctly.
    Often when loading multiple type 3 fonts, the server would

  Monochrome Frame Buffer (MFB) issues:

  o ImageText8 requests of  >100  characters  caused  the  MFB
    server to crash.

  o Server sometimes crashed  on  MFB  machines  when  running

  o The MFB server  crashed  when  any  filled  trapezoid  was
    clipped  on  the  left  screen  boundary.  Corruption also
    occurred clipping on bottom screen boundary.

  Input (mouse, keyboard) issues:

  o Selective autorepeat  (using  XChangeKeyboardControl  with
    both  KBKey  and  KBAutoRepeatMode  masks) was not working
    correctly on keys that the driver uses hardware autorepeat
    for (e.g.  'a' thru 'z').

  o The Austrian German keymap file was  generating  incorrect
    keysyms  for  some  keys.  In addition, the keyboard would
    not produce lower case letters.

  o If a cursor color update occurred when colormaps had  been
    changed, colormap update might not have occurred.

  o A  timing  problem  in  the  VAX/VMS  X11  Display  Server
    sometimes  caused  apparent  server  hangs  upon the first
    several mouse button presses of  a  login  session.   This
    problem  could occur on all VAX/VMS DECwindows workstation
    platforms, but was most evident on faster systems such  as
    the VAXstation 4000 family of workstations.

  o Some non-US  keyboard  selections  (e.g.,  Spanish)  would
    cause DECwindows to crash the system on startup.

  o Autorepeating  the  2nd  keycode  of  a  I18N   keybinding
    sequence  in  some  DECwindows environment could cause the
    system to hang.

  Font issues:

  o Users running Sun's OpenLook Window  Manager  or  OpenLook
    clients  to  the  VMS  X11  Display Server would sometimes
    encounter problems, since VMS did not supply the  OpenLook
    fonts.   These  fonts  are  now  provided.   Screen  on  a
    multi-head system could go blank permanently even when the
    mouse is moved.

  o Customers received errors when attempting to  load  German
    font alias file DECW$FONT_ALIAS_GS_100DPI.DAT.

  o When making an 8-bit font request on a  16-bit  font,  the
    server  should  still allow you to access the first row of
    the font.  Attempts to do so could cause a server crash.

  Backing store issues:

  o No drawing was done to the backing store when  the  window
    was  partially  or  totally off the to the left and top of
    the screen.  When the window was brought back  on  screen,
    the part of the window that was offscreen contained trash.

  o When a window had both IncludeInferiors and backing  store
    turned  on, the incorrect clip lists were used in drawing,
    therefore drawing did not occur into backing  store  where
    the  window  was  occluded  by  siblings.  This caused old
    screen contents to be restored  to  the  screen  when  the
    window was unoccluded.

  Miscellaneous issues:

  o It is now possible to set  the  monitor  density  separate
    from  the  server  density  using the DECW$MONITOR_DENSITY
    logical.  The value defaults to the value  of  the  server
    density.   Since  the  server  cannot scale fonts however,
    setting this value far different from the  font  size  can
    cause problems with WYSIWYG applications.

  o Various    byte    swapping    problems    that     caused
    interoperability issues.

  o If  there  were  windows  on  the  screen  with   multiple
    colormaps,  changes  to  the  window  stacking order would
    create visible flashing on the screen.

  o Points were not drawn correctly with negative  coordinates
    using CoordModePrevious.


In order to make use of the fixes within this remedial kit, you must reboot 
the system used for installing the software.  In  addition, any  other 
VAXcluster WORKSTATION nodes using the same system disk used for installing 
the software must also be rebooted.

NOTE:  VAXDECW11_U2055 can be installed on systems running VMS DECwindows
       or VMS DECwindows Motif. 

       This kit should be re-applied after any OpenVMS VAX upgrade/update 
       to OpenVMS VAX V5.4-3 through V5.5-2. If DECwindows Motif is 
       upgraded to V1.0A or V1.1, this kit does not need to be re-installed 
       unless VMS is upgraded to OpenVMS VAX V5.4-3 through V5.5-2 at the 
       same time. 


[R] Motif is a registered trademark of Open Software Foundation, Inc.
[R] Sun is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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