Issue #15, May 2007


Kent McNall here (GPGnet producer), and I'm thrilled to announce the release of the most recent Supreme Commander patch, which updates the game to version 1.5.3251. The feedback from the Supreme Commander community has been outstanding, and everyone's really excited about the great package of new features, fixes and game optimizations the Supreme Commander team has put together.

Detailed patch notes for some of the major changes are at the bottom of this newsletter (all of the patch notes can be accessed via GPGnet), but here are some highlights:

  • A new "No Rush" mode for custom multiplayer games
  • A new "Cartographic" map view for your second monitor
  • Substantial performance increases for most PCs
  • "Attack Here", "Move Here" and "Custom" map markers for team-based games
  • Numerous UI improvements
  • Highly tested and "User Approved" game balance improvements
With this patch, Supreme Commander moves into high gear. The quotes from our fans tell the story well:
"The new performance is insane!" - Lunargirl

"I was amazed at how smooth the game is now. Great job, GPG!" - Coerzium

"Yeeha" - Aralez

"Curse you, GPG. I was planning to sleep tonight!" - liku

"Yes! O yes, yes, yesidy, yes, yes!" - frenchemn77
To obtain the Supreme Commander patch, simply log in to GPGnet, and it will automatically download and install.

If it's been a while since you logged into GPGnet, or if you had some initial problems playing Supreme Commander, it's time to pay us another visit! With these updates, we've made countless fixes and increased performance so that everyone can enjoy the unique Supreme Commander experience.

We're eager to welcome you online into the best RTS community there is. Come join us!

Best Wishes,

Kent McNall
"Son Of Shagrat"
GPGnet Producer

  New GPGnet Features

With over 100,000 registered online users and over 600,000 games played, GPGnet is the premier online RTS service. A new version of GPGnet will be released soon, and it will introduce two major new features:

    The Vault: The source for user-contributed maps and mods. (It'll also be the venue through which you can provide feedback on the SC Map Editor.) The Vault will make it easy for you to download and manage all mods and maps. Chris Taylor talked about Supreme Commander being "the most moddable RTS ever", and we're just at the forefront of the mod wave!

    GPGnet Tournament Support: With this release, you'll soon be able to participate in various types of tournaments, including competitions with other players of your own skill level. Stay tuned for major tournament announcements from GPG!

  Highlights for Supreme Commander Version 1.5.3251

  • New Cartographic view for both main view and strategic map.
  • Multiplayer/Skirmish maps now have a "no rush" timer option.
  • Map props have been altered to balance player start positions.
  • Overall performance enhancements in regards to memory management and AI.
  • Starting Mass Extractor locations adjusted for all ranked maps.
  • Improved pathing and unit formation behavior, especially for naval and experimental units.
  • Weapons now perform a terrain blocking test when choosing the best target to engage.
  • Engineers can now assist Shield Generators and will repair and recharge shields while shield is taking damage.
  • Salem now moves similar to Aeon and UEF Destroyers; its speed on land has been increased and only goes on land if it has been given a land-based waypoint.
  • Game no longer pauses when you minimize or press Alt-Tab.
  • Messages are broadcast to every player when alliances are formed or broken.
  • You can send markers to your allies by pressing the following keys:
    F5: Sends a "General Alert" marker.
    F6: Sends a "Move" marker.
    F7: Sends an "Attack" marker.
    F8: Creates a custom marker.
  • General Alert, Move and Attack markers disappear after 10 seconds.
  • Custom markers are permanent until the user deletes them (Shift+Ctrl+Right Click) or their army is defeated.
  • Custom markers may be moved by any ally. Hold Shift and drag the circle to where you want the marker to be located.

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