Issue #17, July 23rd, 2007


It's been way too long since we last talked ... and it's killing me! Everyone at Gas Powered Games has been very busy working on several new games, two of which were just announced. At the big E3 show in Santa Monica a couple weeks ago, we showed Space Siege and Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance to the press.

The reaction from the press was excellent (for both titles), and everyone here at GPG breathed a sigh of relief to get a big show like E3 over and done with. Read the rest of this newsletter for more information on both games, including links for online press coverage.

In other news, we recently announced our new Supreme Commander tournaments, which will be held on GPGnet. It will be a four-part tournament with actual cash prizes, and it's something we are extremely excited about. We can't wait to get started! And for those of you who are on GPGnet regularly, you've likely seen the big countdown clock. We hope you like the big surprise we have in store for you! The clock is ticking down!

We'll have more news and announcements coming your way in the months ahead. It's never a dull moment in the land of GPG.

Until next time, have a great summer, and I hope all is well in your universe!

Chris Taylor
Gas Powered Games

  Space Siege

Continuing in the tradition of our blockbuster Dungeon Siege series is Space Siege, a fast-paced, action-RPG that will be published by Sega in 2008. In Space Siege, you play as Seth Walker, a robotics specialist aboard the Armstrong, a colony ship that contains the last vestiges of the human race.

Unfortunately, a ferocious alien species is also on board the Armstrong, and they have one objective--kill every human on the ship.

During the course of Space Siege, Walker must do more than wage war against the aliens, he must also make harrowing moral decisions about whether or not to use cybernetic upgrades. Upgrading parts of his body will aid him in his struggle against the aliens, but with each upgrade, Walker becomes less and less human. Will he sacrifice his own humanity in order to save the other survivors? It's up to you to decide.

For more information about Space Siege, check out the September issue of PC Gamer (on sale now), or visit any of the sites listed below.

Space Siege E3 Coverage:

  Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

The Supreme Commander saga continues this fall with the release of Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, a standalone title that will not require the original Supreme Commander. Beginning mere hours after the conclusion of the original game, Forged Alliance marks the return of the Seraphim, an alien race that was thought to be extinct.

Featuring a compelling storyline that sees the three original factions forced to unite against the Seraphim, Forged Alliance includes over 100 new units and a host of other improvements and tweaks, and it promises to solidify Supreme Commander's position as the most epic RTS game on the market. Forged Alliance is scheduled for a November 2007 release.

Forged Alliance E3 Coverage:

  Supreme Commander Prize Tournaments

We're extremely excited to announce the first of four scheduled Supreme Commander tournaments! But these won't be your normal tournaments, these will be tournaments where you actually have a shot at winning some cold, hard cash. The first tournament is the UEF Cup. It'll be held the weekend of July 28 and 29th, and there will be a total prize fund of $5,000. In addition to playing for the prize money, you'll have a chance to receive a coveted tournament badge. And best of all, all skill levels are welcome -- you don't have to be a top player in order to have a shot at winning.

There will be four tournaments as part of the "Supreme Commander Faction Tournament Cycle", with the tournaments running at roughly three month intervals. The first tournament will feature the three current factions in Supreme Commander -- UEF, Aeon and Cybran -- and later tournaments will include a fourth faction, the Seraphim, which will be introduced in Forged Alliance.

For more information, including full rules and eligibility requirements, visit

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