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PostPosted: Sun May 18, 2008 6:05 am    Post subject: [REL]Best custom maps Mappack[Now more than 60 maps!]

Beetle and me think that FA needs more good maps. So we collected custom maps and tried to include only bugfree and balanced maps in this mappack. We also tried to include lots of different maps, so everybody should find his or her new personal favorite map.

Please tell all your friends to get this mappack, so we can enjoy FA much more. ^_^

Yes, direct download, all hail TAG for this!

Now the mappack is hosted as a direct download in outer space too - thank you BabyAlien
Check out the other downloads on his site too.

Rapidshare download

Col. Jessep provided this filefront mirror - thanks!

Use 7zip or Winrar to unzip the file.
Just unpack the file and follow the instructions given in the readme file.

Another mappack with some very cool maps!

Check out this random map mod too!

Added new Versions of Central Mound and Iceland (now v5), also added Emerald Islands, Elephant Graveyard, Sleipnir and Gates to Paradise.

Added AquaWorld, Horsehead Island R2, Ladder Isthmus R1, ParadiseLost, Zorg Rampage, Valley of Zorg, Zorg Planet, Ambush the Enemy, Valley of the Stars, Rush Island, Kattara Final, Standing Stones, Last Oasis and Elysium 40k
Removed Coast to Coast and John's Pass because of bugs.
Changed Australia Beta to Australia

This time, we put more emphasis on teamplay maps. Have fun guys, some of the newly added maps are extremely cool, my favorite one being Lost Oasis, that one is just beautiful, provides fun games and has a very good balance.

I'm very busy these days, working 8-14 hours a day, so i don't have time to update images right now, maybe i'll do that when Beetle has been resurrected.

Iceland v5

6 players, 10x10, the new version with reduced reclaimables is much more fun than the old version, also note that T2 PD fully covers those Passages...


4 players, 10x10, best suited for 2v2 or FFA, the picture speaks for itself.

Central Mound

4 players, 10x10, best suited for 2v2 north vs south, since there are reclaimables on the eastern and western plateau. Also, the mid is easier to take than it looks, since it is only defended by T1 PD - You might want to try to capture or reclaim that T3 Pgen with T1 artillery and engineers.

Balmy FA

2 players, 10x5, pretty difficult map, since you need to be everywhere at the same time, but also a very nice one, since it has a nice amount of reclaimables and spread out mexes, which makes for some very nice territory control combat. I've had a nice game on it with some evil Salem creeping - awesome.

Coast to Coast(REMOVED!)

4 player, 5x5, from the TA mappack. Yes, a map that allows Naval Yard first build orders! Or maybe T2 air with torp bombers and torp tubes ... map.

Corsica Duel

2 players, 10x10, Very nice asymmetric 1v1 map which allows a lot of different things: Heavy T1 land spam in a ring around the map, early navy, super fast drops, radar intel over the enemies base early on... just be creative and try to surprise the enemy.

Desert joust

4 players, 5x5, best used in 2v2, FFA is possible too, there are 2 Salem wreckages on this map, so make sure you don't let your enemy have them without some big fights! Even though it's pretty easy to turtle on this map, expansive strategies work well too, so maybe in a 2v2, one player should turtle and help his ally via the back entrance, who knows...

Desert planet

4 players, 20x10, asymmetric 2v2 or 1v1 map. I really like this one, and it's probably the best looking map in this mappack. If you haven't played on it yet, you sure have missed something, try it!

Desert Quarry

4 players, 5x5, this map offers some super fast paced 2v2 action, usually all 4 commanders meet in the mid, even though you might want to try to get an upgrade first. Also, t1 artillery can be extremely useful on this map..

Dry canyon

4 players 10x10, plays like ~5x10, if the teams are even, the whole battlefield will be a constant back and forth and both teams will have to try to get a slight advantage which they can use to get a tech advantage, because t1 spam can be easily stopped thanks to the chokes!

Elephant graveyard

4 players, 10x10, i love the looks of this map; you should try to get a lot of Interceptors, since some of the mexes can't be reached without transports/Rovers at all!

Emerauld Island

4 players, 20x20, you will definatly need land, air and navy on this map!

Field of thunder

2 players, 5x5, very small and fast paced map - usually both players try to control the mid which contains a decent amount of rocks and a few mexes. Wreckage will soon lie next to those stones^^

Frozen Isis

4 players 10x10, plays like ~10x5, for all those people that are sick of the FA Isis with its insane amounts of reclaim mass in mid which decides the game early on, here is the old Supcom Isis with some neat visual changes. Even though the new Isis has more mexes outside the bases, this one also has quite some mass in the mid, so turtling is not that easy in FA as it was in Supcom on this map.

Grand Island

8 players, 20x20, this map offers a nice 4v4 land + air gameplay (navy to a lesser extent)

Helena's embrace

4 players, 10x10, this map does not have many mexes, which i like very much, since the value of single units is increased this way. Try not to waste any ressources and keep the Intel going, so you don't build expensive stuff that you don't really need.

Island of Keres

8 players, 10x10, on this map you don't fight for control over mexes but for control over attack routes; when you control mid, you can launch teamattacks on the enemies' weakspot.

John Pass (REMOVED!)

4 players, 10x10, from the TA mappack, ths map encourages a lovely land+air+navy war. Also try to get that little Island in the mid of the map and build a radar on it...

Marks abyss

8 players, 20x20, basically an 8 player version of Roanoake Abyss.


2 players, 10x10, there are a lot of attack ways, mexes and reclaimables on this map, even 6 mexes that can only be reached with air. Definatly a nice 1v1 map, even though it sure is not easy at all!

Ocean fortress

8 player, 20x20, best suited for 2v2v2v2 i'd say but 4v4 and even 3v3 should be possible too. If you want some big navy fights, play this one. There are a lot of mexes and even Hydros in the water!

Painted desert

6 players, 20x20, Spread out mexes and decent amounts of rocks around the mountains make for some nice land army manouvering battles, even though the back player might try to tech up or make use of heavy air strategies.

Roughneck river

4 players, 20x20, almost no reclaimables, but a small civilian base(basically just a t2 mex) for each player that can be captured/reclaimed easily and loads of trees. Make sure you know how to use transports before you play this one^^

Show Down

2 players, 10x10, plays like a 10x5 map, very nice 3 way combat, make good use of the plateaus in the mid!

Strait of sorrow

8 players, 20x20, map adjusts number of mexes to the numberof players, so even 1v1 is quite possible and fun. Make masive use of drops and navy on this map to kill your enemies.

Summer Duel

2 players, 5x5, the tutorial map for the map editor, it's just a perfect example of a basic RTS map - 3 ways to attack, 1 short direct and 2 flanks.

Supreme Firefly

6 players, 10x10, this map has almost all its mass in the mid between the two teams - so fighting for the mid is a must.

Supreme Stronghold

2 players, 10x10, this map offers 5 attack ways and relatively low mass, so try to reclaim the rocks on the west and east flank (4 big rocks each) and deny them to your enemy.

The two peaks

2 players, 5x5, this map is just crazy, you should build a factory on the sand from your plateau, so you can put pressure onto your enemy. But you might also try to get the two corners with air and then push heavily through the mid..^^

Theta 4 players

4 players, 10x10, it offers the gameplay we love from theta: fast paced land manouvers + some chokes + key areas to fight for.

Theta passage 2

4 players, 5x5, we included another Theta since the "Theta 4 players" might be more fun in FFAs and this one might be better for 2v2 and is also smaller. Try them for yourself!

Titanus observatory

4 players,. 10x10, this map is really good in FFAs, but can also be really cool in 2v2s, the mid has quite some reclaim mass and the map layout is pretty cool too.

Vale of Isis

2 players, 5x5, just the inside of the old isis with a few new mexes and hydros, really intense ring combat.

Valley Passage

6 players, 10x10, you should really play this map with guys you know, since teamwork is key on this one.

Badlands v4

8 players, 10x10, this map is pretty popular already and a lot of games on it are hosted n a regular basis; as on Iceland, the Passages can be covered by T2 PD easily. Try to get a Commander upgrade early on, works very well on this one, also try not to let those early raiders behind your base, they can be a pain in the a$$.

Australia beta (Now Australia[not beta])

6 players, 20x20, well, this is AUSSIELAND, we included it for our australian friends.^^

Comet catcher

4 players, 10x10 , from the TA mappack, this one offers quite some nice territory combat.

Dark Side

2 players, 5x5, from the TA mappack, you start in a very small crater, so make sure you don't try to build your factory in it. Lots of mexes on this map make early raiding a very powerful strategy.

Desert Arena

8 players, 5x5, FFA-map, 8FFA on a 5x5 that is absolutly flat? Sounds good? Yes, it is!

Desert Duel

4 players, 10x10, you have to leave your base in order to gain control of the mass rich mid, be careful not to draw in a giant explosion though.^^

Desert planet II

6 players, 10x10, no need to say much about this map - it's a classic one, we also included the XL and the 2v2 version.

Evad river conflux

3 players, 10x10, a TA remake which offers nice 1v1v1 gameplay, use it if you are tired of the limited options the gpg-made 3 player maps provide.

Forbidden Pass

4 players, 10x10, the Z river allows for some super fast frigates which will help control the map until you can finish the enemy. Very good looking map! Almost gpg-quality.

Four Hills

4 players, 5x5, a bit like a mini Emerald, also, it could have been called Commbomb heaven. Still fun though, especially if you get to the T2 stage of the game. Early upgrades are a must to increase the survivability of your commander!

4 players, 20x20, hilly terrain and a "mex grid" on the map make it a very nice struggle for territory.

Lava And two hills

4 players, 5x5, from the TA mappack, best used in 1v1 in my opinion, even though 2v2 is quite some fun too. Don't walk into the Lava!

Lava highground

4 players, 5x5,from the TA mappack low mass in your base, some reclaimables and mexes in the mid. Be careful not to end the game in a huge nuklear explosion^^

Complete list of maps:

Australia Beta
Central Mound
Coast to Coast
Comet catcher
Corsica duel
Dark Side
Desert arena
Desert duel
Desert Joust
Desert planet
Desert planet 2vs2
Desert planet II
Desert Quarry
Dry Canyon
Elephant Graveyard
Evad River Conflux
Emerald Islands
Field of thunder
Finn's revenge 3v3
Forbidden Pass
Four Hills
Frozen Isis
Gates to Paradise
Grand Isle
Haelena's embrace
Iceland v5
Isle of Keres
John pass
Lava & Two Hills
Lava Highground
Mark's Abyss
Ocean Fortress
Painted desert
Roughneck river
Show Down
Strait of Sorrow
Summer duel
Supreme FireFly
Supreme stronghlod
The Two Peaks
Theta 4 players
Theta passage 2
Titanus observatory
Vale of Isis
Valley passage

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