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New postPosted: Tue Feb 20, 2007 9:05 am    Post subject: Unofficial Supreme Commander Map Editor

It is here, the first (inofficial) map editor for SupCom!

What it does:
- Edit terrain and texturing of maps (real 3D display of the terrain)
- Add/Remove/Edit start locations, mass points, AI markers, etc.
- Add/Remove/Edit Decals and Props to decorate your maps
- Resize Maps
- Restrict build options on a map

What it does NOT do (yet):
- Editing of Singleplayer missions (only multiplayer maps for now)
- Adding units or wreckage to a map
- Individual scripting

BE AWARE that this is just a Beta version. There might be errors, bugs, crashes and maybe even corrupted files. You are using this at you own risk! (I don't expect any massively bad things to happen, but you never know. Very Happy )

Since the editor supports the full SCMAP format now, the loading times and the memory usage have increased alot! Especially on larger maps it does need alot of (Video- and System-)RAM. Functions like Resize, Load/Save and Import/Export may need a while to complete. Just don't panic when the app freezes for some time.

The overall performance is quite bad! Loading times are horrid and the whole thing runs SLOW. I haven't done ANY optimizations yet! In example a 80x80km map is rendered in full detail with all of its 33.000.000 polygons... Laughing There is a lot potential for optimizations.

Download version 0.40 Beta HERE!


Some (yet) undocumented controls:
- Hold the right mouse button to rotate decals
- Hold the middle mouse button to scale decals


This tool requires the .Net Framework 2.0 and at least
the DirectX 9.0c November06 update to be installed on your
PC. If the application crashes or behaves in an unwanted
manner then download and install those updates.

.Net Framework 2.0 DOWNLOAD

DirectX Web-Updater DOWNLOAD


Version 0.40:
- Added full in-editor Heightmap drawing
- Added batch drawing/removing/moving for props

Version 0.38:
- Realtime 3D Rendering of Terrain, Textures and Water
- Added full in-editor Texture drawing

Version 0.35:
- Added ability to read SupCom Data (needed for textures)
- Added Prop support (add, remove, modify)
- Added Decal Texture support (add, remove, modify)
- Added Decal Normalmap support (add, remove, modify)
- Added texture layer support (solo import/export)
- Added drawing tool for future in-editor drawing
- Added first beta-test for in-editor layer drawing
- Added ability to change layer textures
- Added texture preview for decal and layer textures
- Added Enhancement Restrictions
- Added Build Restrictions (but doesn't work correctly)
- Added automatic calculation of shoreline waves
- Many other minor improvements

Version 0.282:
- Fixed a bug with maps not saved corretly under a new name
- Added option to save maps in a Beta v38 compatible format

Version 0.28:
- Added option to show a grid on the map
- Added option to calculate a buildability map (color indicates how suiteable it is as build location)
- Markers on too rough or unsuitable ground will be displayed in dark-red color now
- Modified marker icons

Version 0.27:
- Improved Open Map Dialog stability
- Added some more understandable error messages
- Forced map loading to use ASCII strings (this may fix problems with languages that use multi-byte fonts)
- Fixed the "Black Screen" bug

Version 0.26:
- Added automatic calculation of Normalmap
- Removed all (now dispensable) Normalmap controls
- Optimized performance and memory useage
- Improved zooming behaviour on large maps
- Added DXT5 warning for incompatible graphics cards
- Made preview image loading more compatible
- Added a "Quicklaunch Map" button to test the map directly

Version 0.25:
- Added "Resize Map" option
- Added "Remove Props" option
- Added "Remove Land Detail Features" option
- Added DDS to the list of Heightmap export filetypes
- Added DDS import and export for Texturemap and Normalmap
- Added automatic Calculation of Passabilitymap
- Added automatic calculation of Watermap
- Added "Display Water Overlay" option
- Added Water Level controls
- Replaced display and zooming technique completely
- Full SCMAP support

Version 0.22:
- Fixed a problem with maps disabling in-game map selection when it contains ' or " in name or description

Version 0.21:
- Added an option to select the game installation path

Version 0.2:
- First Beta Release

Known Issues

- Mouse<->Terrain intersection is still buggy. Items may not be attachted to the mouse correctly while dragging. In some situations you might not be able to select an item due to this bug. In this case flatten the terrain display by pressing Ctrl+T and select the item now.

- Prop rotations don't work as expected for now.