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PostPosted: Thu Feb 15, 2007 8:41 pm    Post subject: [REL 08/23] SCA UI MOD - NEW FINAL VERSION 3.2

--------SCA UI MOD---------##
-----------UPDATED 08/23-----------##

The SCA UI MOD team is proud to present:
SCA UI MOD. Version 3.2 final

Get the latest version from the mod vault on GPGNet! Make sure to delete any older scd version you have before downloading from the vault.

Unzip uimod.rar into /mods in your SupCom directory.

I. Presentation: So, what does it actually do?

SCA UI MOD makes your ui completely customisable and SAVABLE. You can move, resize, hide and even rotate all the windows using the awesome move and resize mode.

What's new for v3?

  • Ingame statistics graphs, showing all players for observer/replay mode.
  • Hugely expanded endgame statistics showing every stat imaginable including ACU kills and best player in each category.
  • Complete skinning ability, it's now easier than ever to create your own perfect UI.
  • Save as many custom layouts as you need under your own names with the new layout manager.

new for v3.2?

  • Incorporated the SCU Manager mod.
  • Improvements to the stats system.
  • Even more keys added to the keymapping system!
  • Middle clicking idle engineer buttons now gets all idle engineers on screen.

Other Features:

  • Drag and drop factory build queues (based on CrazyJimbo's drag'n'drop mod)
  • Upgrade multiple units at once with our new enhancement system (thanks to Mereth).
  • Tab or middlemouse button will zoom instantly to where your mouse is pointing (thanks to III_Demon).
  • In the General settings panel you can also add Strategic icons to your build icons (thanks to ()))() ).
  • Mousescrolling on the construction windows scrolls through the tech levels available.
  • Ctrl+Mousescrolling scrolls through the construction icons if there are too many for one page.
  • Changing Max zoom permits you to zoom out more.
  • You can add or remove borders using the small config button in the top right corner when in move and resize mode. You can also switch to mini ui economic layout in the general options panel.
  • Use the radial orders menu by pressing ctrl+middlemouse button and alt+middlemouse button. A beautiful order panel will pop up on your mouse location.

II. How do I use the mod?

First make sure the mod is activated in the extras menu. Once in game, you can press SHIFT-TAB or click on the image on the left side
of the screen and get the main control panel with access to all the options:

Move and Resize: Enters the move and resize mode, customize the UI! Click again on the move and resize button, or on the resume button that appears to exit move and resize mode.

General Options: Many options for the mod such as changing the icon size, having strategic icons on your unit icons, hiding windows or even changing the global transparency of your interface.

Camera Options: Set and save numerous camera settings (see the guide under).

Keymapping: Allows you to remap all your keys. Redo your key bindings and even bind keys to Build Hotkeys!
Click on the actions to assign a new key to them. Click ok once your done! If you want to restore the default keymapping click Restore then OK.
Yes, you can remap your keyboard and use shortcuts to build units.
For example: Press T and it builds a tank, press G and you get a gunship!
Isn't that awesome?
You can even assign multiple buildings and units to the same hotkey. Assigning several units will do a build queue. Assigning several buildings will permit you to cycle through them by pressing the same hotkey several times. You can also assign construction SLOTS to a hotkey. the SLOT 2 command for example will always build the second unit/building visible in the construction list...

QuickSave/Load: QuickSave your custom interface, this will save the current skin and panel positions, and add your interface to the alt-up/down layout scrolling, and the layout manager.

Layout Manager: Opens a new window with previews of any premade layouts, and the option to choose user saved ones. There is a further 'advanced' option to allow complete configuration of skins/layouts, and custom saved names for as many saved layouts as you want.

Show Stats: Gives a graph of most game stats for the current player, or all players as an observer or in a replay (score can always be shown for any player). Can be configured with whatever graphs you want for whatever players.

III. Thats great but i don't know how to install it!

If you have an older version of the mod installed, delete it first.
To install, copy UIMOD_SCA-v3.scd to your gamedata folder.
The default path for gamedata is:
C:\Program Files\THQ\Supreme Commander\Supreme Commander\gamedata

And if i want to uninstall it?

Just remove UIMOD_SCA-v3.scd from gamedata

IV. What about the plug-ins?
If anybody creates a skin for the mod and wants it listed here, then contact any of the SCA team and we'll add a link.




Thanks for downloading the mod,
The SCA mod team

More info on the mod


Preferably download from the vault on GPGNet.

The following 2 links are for an older version (3.0), there is no link for v3.2 yet.
DOWNLOAD direct link in english

on supreme commander alliance( in french):
Lien vers la page francophone

The mod is made of more than 2000ko of code and 5mo of textures.
It represents more than 25 000 lines of code.

TEAM: Saya, Cleopatre and Associates

a SCA mod!



version 3.0 final screenshots:

PS: if you find bugs or have ideas for the mod, feedback welcome!

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