AXPpci 33 Read Me

AXPpci33 Read Me AXPpci33 is a low cost Alpha-based motherboard from Digital.

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How to Obtain AXPpci33

Click here to see a picture of the board (57k)

Files provided in this area are
August 1995 edition of the OEM Design Guide. The purpose of this guide is to provide system integration customers with the necessary design details of the motherboard so that they can integrate it into a standard or custom application. Covers both 166 and 233MHz operation.
A compressed version of the above design guide.

Developer Information
Hardware reference information which may be of use to developers. This should be read in conjunction with the design guide.

Address Map Information
Controller Information
CPU Information
Interrupt Information
Memory Information

V1.4 firmware update for use with ARC (NT) console . Copy to FAT format HD floppy disk and use 'Install New Firmware' option in ARC console menu. Can be used to update to ARC console 4.42 or SRM console X4.3-3114 Minimum memory requirement for operation of fwupdate.exe is now 16MB. fw_v1_4.image
V1.4 firmware update for use with SRM console (Unix) etc. Note that the SRM console has not changed from V1.35 firmware.

  1. Format a high density floppy from Digital UNIX with command
    fddisk -fmt /dev/rfd0c)
  2. Copy file to floppy using command :
    dd if=pathname/fw_v1_4.image of=/dev/rfd0c bs=256k
  3. Boot floppy from SRM console :
    b dva0
  4. When APU-> prompt appears type : update srm (for SRM console) or update arc
  5. When Ready to Program Device ? appears, type :
  6. Power cycle after 'Rom Update Successful' appears
Can be used to update to ARC console 4.42 or SRM console X4.3-3114
Zipped copy of HEX file for V0.5 Serial ROM. To be used with suitable ROM programmer to update ROM. Only necessary to support 233MHz operation.

Full instructions for updating firmware

Last update on December 12th 1995. Please e-mail Andrew.Armstrong if you have any problems with these files.