The AXP PCI_33

The Alpha PCI_33 Single board Computer


The AXPpci 33 is a PC motherboard based around the LCA chip(as opposed to the more traditional X86chip). This board is aimed at OEM's who require a single board computer for integration into their own systems. The customer would fit the motherboard into an enclosure of their choice along with the auxiliary system components (such as monitors, options, disks, keyboards, etc.), also of their choice. This motherboard itself continues this theme of flexibility to the system integrator as it is shipped to the customer with no CPU, Cache or memory installed. These functions are all socketed and require the customer to insert the level of functionality, cost and performance required.

The basic I/O subsystem and auxiliary functions required to implement a PC system are included on board and can be augmented by options fitted into the PCI and ISA connectors. Here is a summary of the on-board functionality:-

Operating system software support :